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More than 80% of Pirated Software-Loaded New PCs are Infected with Malware

By : CIOL Bureau

A Microsoft sweep of PC test purchasing revealed that more than four in five (83%) brand new PCs in targeted countries in Asia are loaded with pirated software. The PC samples selected were purchased from retailers that offered PCs at

Beware of hidden apps: Quick Heal detected Hiddad Malware on Google Play Store

By : CIOL Bureau

Underlining the complex and ever-evolving nature of the modern-day threat landscape, Quick Heal Security Lab has recently detected Hiddad Malware on Google Play store. There are a couple of applications on play store which hide after installation and display full-screen

MacOS hit by DNS Hijacker called MaMi

By : CIOL Writers

Way back in 2012, millions of Windows PC were affected by DNSChanger malware and now, in 2018 the same malware has been observed for MacOS. The threat was first discovered by Patrick Wardel and has been named as MaMi. Similar

A bug in iOS 11 can give anyone access to your photos

By : CIOL Writers

A potential bug has been discovered in the iOS 11 operating system which can give anyone access to the photos folder on your iPhone. The bug was discovered by YouTube channel iDeviceHelp and can affect any iPhone or iPad running the

Xafecopy: A new malware detected that steals money from users’ phones

By : CIOL Writers

A new malware, named as Xafecopy Trojan is detected in India that steals money from users’ mobile phones, according to a report from Kaspersky Labs. The report said, “Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a mobile malware targeting the WAP(Wireless Application Protocol)

FakeToken: Mobile banking trojan stealing user data from ride-hailing apps

By : CIOL Writers

FakeToken mobile trojan that had hit Android users back in March 2012 as a banking OTP/MSTN stealer disguised as a fake banking token generator and then reappeared as a mobile ransomware in March 2016 is back again and this time

ShadowPad: Attackers hid powerful backdoor in a popular server management software

USA: Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a backdoor planted in a server management software, NetSarang. When activated, the backdoor allows attackers to download further malicious modules or steal data. The backdoor called ShadowPad is one of the largest known supply-chain attacks.

A new ready-to-attack version of banking Trojan NukeBot is spotted

By : CIOL Writers

Kaspersky Lab has detected NukeBot – a new malware which has been designed to steal the credentials of online banking customers. Earlier versions of the Trojan were known to the security industry as TinyNuke, but lacked the features necessary to

Fireball malware infects 250mn computers worldwide: Check Point

By : CIOL Writers

A new malware with roots in China that has infected over 250 million computers worldwide was recently discovered by Check Point threat intelligence and research teams. The Fireball malware, operated by Beijing-based digital marketing agency Rafotech acts as a browser-hijacker but

Over 1mn Google Accounts Breached by a new Android malware, Gooligan- Check Point Research

By : CIOL Writers

Malware Alert: If you are using an Android Smartphone, then your personal data – Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Docs etc – is vulnerable to a new variant of Android malware called, ‘Gooligan‘. Researchers at the Check PointR Software Technologies

Sophos Intercept X, the next-generation of anti-ransomware technology now available in India

By : CIOL Writers

Sophos, a global leader in network and endpoint security, announced the availability of Sophos Intercept X in India. A next-generation endpoint security product, Intercept X stops zero-day malware, unknown exploit variants, and stealth attacks. Sophos Intercept X is available to

Cyber-criminals are hacking home networks to attack large companies

By : CIOL Writers

Technology has definitely helped us reach the peaks of development, but at the same time, has left us exposed to the cyber-attacks. And cyber-criminals are taking complete advantage of the insufficient security. Symantec Corp, the global leader in cyber security,

Kaspersky discovers a new PokemonGo malicious app downloaded over 500000 times

By : CIOL Writers

There was a sudden rage in the gaming industry that had its origin in the launch of PokemonGo. Thus, arrived the growing number of related apps and, inevitably, amplified interest from the cybercriminal community. Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity company,

Researchers discover an advanced malware hidden for 5 years

By : CIOL Writers

Security experts have discovered a malware platform that’s so advanced in its design and execution that it could probably have been developed only by a state-sponsored group. The malware—known alternatively as “ProjectSauron” by researchers from Kaspersky Lab and “Remsec” by

Insider theft is keeping enterprises awake

BANGALORE, INDIA: Insider data theft and malware attacks top the list of the most significant concerns

Looking for dieting help? Beware of cyber-fat

INDIA: When it comes to the desire for the ideal body, people may be willing to sacrifice

“Godless”: A malware that can leave your Android device rooted

By : CIOL Writers

A newly discovered malware named “Godless” has been traced within some of the apps in Google

High-level Indian bureaucrats may have been attacked by Chinese hackers

By : CIOL Writers

The lurking threat of China has made the Indian government uneasy for decades, and more so

Cyber-relapse: Porn, PUS and ransomware

PUNE, INDIA: Pornography has possibly returned as the number one threat vector after dropping to number

Searching for Priyanka Chopra? You need to read this

MUMBAI, INDIA: Now you better beware of clicking on third-party links and should access content directly