A bug in iOS 11 can give anyone access to your photos

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A potential bug has been discovered in the iOS 11 operating system which can give anyone access to the photos folder on your iPhone. The bug was discovered by YouTube channel iDeviceHelp and can affect any iPhone or iPad running the latest version of the operating system.


According to the iDeviceHelp YouTube video, if an iPhone user has the target device in their possession and knows the device's phone number or Apple ID, then they could exploit what appears to be a bug in iOS to gain access to the photos saved on the victim's iPhone.

So, here's how the bug works; the attacker provides the victim a FaceTime Audio phone, but as a substitute of accepting or rejecting the phone, the attacker taps the “Message” button and selects the Customized option. Tapping on Customized option prompts the Message app to open, immediately after which the attacker needs to randomly find 3 emoji figures. Once done, the attacker hangs up the FaceTime call and taps the Home button to trigger Siri and ask it to open Settings. At this point, Siri will ask the attacker to unlock the victim's iPhone. The attacker now needs to press the power button to put the phone in sleep mode.


After this is done, the attacker will make another FaceTime Audio call from their iOS device to the victim's handset. Once the victim's device gets the call notification, they need to tap the Message button again and then select "Custom" setting.

At this point, iDeviceHelp notes, that the attacker will find that they have complete access to Message app, and they can open the Photos folder and select and send any images from the victim's device.

iDeviceHelp says that he told Apple about the problem and expects the company to send out a fix for it soon. Until Apple releases a patch update for this bug, users can disable Siri access from the lock screen to prevent anybody from accessing their device's data.

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