Apple changes the guard from Bing to Google for search results in Siri and Spotlight

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Apple is switching from Microsoft's Bing to Google as the default search engine for Siri, iOS Search, and Spotlight on the Mac, the company has announced.


“Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari,” Apple said in a statement provided to TechCrunch.

Notably, Apple is keeping Bing as the default search engine for images in both Siri and Spotlight on Mac, and YouTube will continue to handle video searches. Google will also become the default search engine for the iOS search bar.

The news comes in tandem with the launch of macOS High Sierra. The free update will make a number of enhancements to apps and underlying frameworks, including support for the Apple File System, H.265 video, and Metal 2 rendering.

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