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Lockdown 3.0: IT and ITes Services open even in Red Zones. Five questions that this situation poses.

By : Laxitha Mundhra

After the extended lockdown in India, the government came out with a list of essential services. These remained operational even during the nationwide lockdown. But the story was different for the IT and ITes industry. While we were still juggling

ServiceNow’s new Hyderabad R&D centre will focus on developing AI, ML capabilities

HYDERABAD, INDIA: IT services management company, ServiceNow recently announced further investment in Indian talent and technology with the opening of its new Hyderabad R&D Centre, which will be home to product engineering teams developing ServiceNow’s next generation AI and machine learning capabilities. The new centre is

Factors that overcast the growth of Indian IT services companies

BANGALORE, INDIA: The aggregate growth of Indian IT Services companies (14 sample companies) was at 3.0% during Q2, FY2018 (8.1% in USD terms) compared to CAGR of 17.1% experienced over the FY2013-2017 period and a 9.7% growth in last fiscal,

AI is not the only thing that IT service professionals are losing their sleep over

CHENNAI, INDIA: Contradicting what’s seen as a popular notion, Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t seen as a major job disruptor by the ITSM(IT Service Management) professionals yet, although, a majority(82 percent) of them believe that the IT roles of tomorrow will be more challenging.