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A new remote-access Trojan targets smartphones

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Akamai Technologies, through the company’s Prolexic Security & Research Team (PLXsert), released a new cyber security threat advisory. The advisory alerts enterprises, governments and individuals to the Xsser mobile remote access Trojan (mRAT), which targets iOS and

eKAVACH app brings more features to control kid’s online activities

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The PRO Version of the digital parental control application, eKAVACH is now available which brings in more features to the existing mobile app. Designed especially to increase parental awareness and control about their kids’ activity online, the

Eka brings mobile apps for commodity management

BANGALORE, INDIA: Eka Software Solutions, the provider of Smart Commodity Management software solutions, announced today the release of Insight CM – Mobile, a series of mobile apps for use with its software platform, Insight CM. With the addition of mobile

ePaisa offering digital gift cards and coupons on its mobile app

MUMBAI, INDIA: ePaisa, India’s multilingual mobile based point of sale (POS) application has a new offering, which enables merchants to earn additional revenue through the resale of digital and physical gift coupons. Merchants across India will be able to distribute

Array Networks brings MotionPro for secure mobile access

MILPITAS, USA: Array Networks Inc., has announced the availability of MotionPro, its advanced SSL VPN client for mobile devices. Available for iOS and Android, MotionPro provides secure mobile access for native, Web and remote desktop applications. In addition, its integrated

Reschedule flight bookings on your smartphone

BANGALORE, INDIA: With all the hustle bustle in our lives today, planning trips are difficult and rescheduling tickets become a common need be it for all the office work heaping up or be the reason of son’s annual examinations. Now

Spot and connect to professionals around you

By : Sanghamitra Kar

BANGALORE, INDIA: If you are looking for easy business networking experience when you are attending any event or conference, there is a new messaging app ”llink” which is built to make the job easy for you. Exclusively developed for business

Motorola Keylink lets you track your smartphone

BANGALORE, INDIA: Motorola has come up with a new accessory, Keylink. It ensures you never lose your phone. “Keylink is a small device that you attach to your keychain. Using the Motorola Connect app on your phone, you can connect

Microsoft Office 365 now free for all mobile users

BANGALORE, INDIA: Microsoft Office starting today will be available in all iOS and Android tablets and smartphones with new features. Starting thursday, Microsoft is giving its Office 365 free to its users. Customers now on iPhone, iPad and Android can create

iOS more vulnerable than Android, says survey

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Indusface, a provider of application security solutions for web and mobile applications, recently conducted a survey on the ‘State of Mobile Application Security in India’ across a set of enterprises. The survey has found that as much

Facebook brings anonymous chat app ‘Rooms’

BANGALORE, INDIA: Facebook has come up with a new app, Rooms.  It lets you chat with your friends on the common topic and share things. A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text, with a topic determined by whoever