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Rajdeep Sardesai leaves Twitter

By : CIOL Writers

Some people log on to twitter only to have a fight with whoever they call trolls? What a waste! — shilpi tewari (@shilpitewari) May 1, 2016   Television journalist Rajdeep Sardesai’s sudden exit from Twitter is the current talk of

Facebook is stronger than ever

By : CIOL Writers

Mark Zuckerberg proves once again why he is the undoubted titan of the tech industry. Beating all expectations and analysis, the company reported new record highs in both the fourth quarter and 2015 as a whole. The company has reported

Technology for smarter and confident kids

By : CIOL Writers 1

As a parent to a toddler, I have often found myself dogged by this question- How much technology is too much for my little girl? When it takes me a couple of days to attune to a new game on

Tinder-HaikuJAM for Love: A successful digital campaign

By : CIOL Writers

“I wrote my first line It tweaked at me in the second With third I was a poet” Love and poetry vein out from the same source- our heart and they cannot be anything but pure. International Haiku Poetry Day

David Silverman’s “Superslackers”

By : CIOL Writers

David Silverman, producer and director of “The Simpsons”, has signed on to direct animated comedy series “Superslackers,” which will feature several social media stars. The core cast is led by social media stars Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr., Dan Nampaikid, Jon

Security costs to protect Twitter’s CEO

By : CIOL Writers

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did not make a penny in salaries, bonuses, or stock awards from the company last year. He did, however, receive more than $68,500 in security services, according to a Twitter filing with the Securities and Exchange

Venture capital funding for startups drop

By : Riddhi Sharma

While, we might see a rise in a number of startups every day. There is an equal number of them shutting down on a daily basis. We heard about Lady Gaga’s startup Backplane crashing and now Uber for kids startup

Catch the IPL buzz on Twitter

By : CIOL Writers

Indian cricket’s young turks are taking to social media like ducks take to water. They are sharing selfies, trolling haters, breaking stereotypes, and most importantly, having fun while they are at it. While they are touring the international circuit, things

Don’t miss out on Sachin’s biopic teaser

By : CIOL Writers

Sachin Tendulkar, there is so much written, so much said about him, the God, that it is easy to believe, there is nothing more to be known about him. But in the midst of IPL fever, Sachin Tendulkar – the

Technology to aid millions of female refugees

By : CIOL Writers

Refugee crisis is a not a particular state’s problem. Mass exodus from devastated countries like Syria, Iraq or people fleeing violence, poverty and instability of their homelands is more than just a Middle East’s or African problem. It’s a global

Facebook’s save button now available on the Web

By : CIOL Writers

Not many of us know about the Facebook’s “save for later” button. No, it’s not a new feature. In fact, it is something that was introduced four years back, through which you can store articles, videos, and other things find

Bacteria-powered solar panel

By : CIOL Writers

Researchers at Binghamton University, US have created a bio-solar panel that can generate 5.59 microwatts of energy – a big step in the evolution of bacteria-powered energy to run small devices in remote areas where regular battery replacement is not

2016 global connectivity index: Digital transformation on rise

By : CIOL Writers

National and economic digitization have witnessed an average improvement of 5 percent across the globe since 2015, according to Huawei’s 2016 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) released yesterday. GCI 2016, Connect where it counts, measures how nations are progressing with digital

Apple iOS 9.3.1 has a handy bug

By : CIOL Writers

iOS 9.3.1 was released by Apple Inc. specifically to fix some serious concerns with iOS 9.3. The latest version was hurried through, but the company succeeded in what it was hoping to achieve with the latest update. However, the story

Fashion enveloped with technology

By : CIOL Writers

Technology is twirling not only in cars and electronics but also in fashion trends. The future of fashion is here enveloped with love for technology. Whether its Levi’s or Ralph Lauren, merchandising industry is going super hi-tech. Technology is revolutionizing

China’s tech industry vows to counter online terrorism

By : CIOL Writers

The Cyberspace Administration of China has informed that twenty-five Chinese tech companies have signed a pledge to counter images and information online that promote terrorism nearly four months after China passed a controversial new anti-terrorism law. According to the internet

Emotion-recognition software for Autistic Children

By : CIOL Writers

We can only imagine how tough their lives can be, but a Stanford University student Catalin Voss has gone beyond a distant empathy and has developed an emotional learning aid for children with autism based on smart glasses like Google

Tech Entrepreneurs: 20 Slack Communities you might want to join

By : CIOL Writers

Human beings are social animals. They need a community to realize their full potential. And obviously, when so many people work together, the community as a whole grows and progresses. Relax, we aren’t talking community building here or driving home

Lady Gaga’s Startup Backplane Crashes

By : CIOL Writers

Start-ups can surely learn a lesson or two from the Lady Gaga–backed and promoted start-up, Backplane. A Startup that let individuals make niche-based communities of “like-minded people to connect across their shared interests,” unfortunately is no more. TechCrunch reports that

Social Media to scale up efforts against online abuse

By : CIOL Writers

Tech companies are finally waking up to address the issue of the dark side of the web and are reaching out to women’s groups, NGOs and communities in Africa, America, India, Europe and the Middle East to organise a fightback