Facebook's save button now available on the Web

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CIOL Facebook's save button now available on web

Not many of us know about the Facebook’s "save for later" button. No, it's not a new feature. In fact, it is something that was introduced four years back, through which you can store articles, videos, and other things find on our wall in a dedicated part of the app. Despite the fact, that the "save for later" button never had a leading place in Facebook's apps, Facebook says 250 million people take advantage of the save feature every month.


This means, that people do click on the "more" option, then scroll halfway down the list of options to access this relatively obscure save feature. And now the company has a new strategy to take that 250 million figure higher by introducing the "save" button for the Web.

CIOL facebook's save button now available on web

At the F8 developer conference, held yesterday, Facebook announced that publishers can now add the save button to their standard article templates, and whenever a user taps the button, it will save the article or video directly to their Facebook queue. Also, Facebook won’t strip articles of their formatting and advertisements. The Save Button, basically, leverages what’s already good about Save to Facebook, but brings it to the entire Web.

“We’re helping people get back to content on the web but wanted to consume later, whether it was because of bandwidth or time,” Eddie O’Neil, product manager at Facebook.

Yes, it’s basically Pocket or Safari’s ‘read later’ feature, just for Facebook. Like its competition, Facebook says you’ll be able to visit your saved stuff on any device — of course via the Facebook app or mobile site. Facebook's save button will be available on Product Hunt, and on Overstock.

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