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Throwback: Major Goof-Ups That 2016 Tasted

INDIA: What a year! Just when we thought Volkswagen has pulled off the most embarrassing and most

Facebook wants you to endorse Clinton or Trump officially on its page

By : CIOL Writers

Across the globe, publicly endorsing your opinion on social media has always had its share of both appreciation and criticism. However, if you are brave enough to voice out your opinion, then Facebook’s new feature will be of some use

Video involving Hillary Clinton and ISIS is a spam

By : CIOL Writers

Want to watch the video? Sorry, nothing like this exists. The promised video showing Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton exchanging money with an ISIS leader is actually a click bait being used by cyber criminals these days to distribute

Are the US Presidential elections under cyber threat?

By : CIOL Writers

With ever increasing cyber-attacks across the globe, seems like even the US Presidential elections could be hacked. The recent hacking of Democratic National Committee data, along with other electronic intrusions, has raised concerns about potential cyber-attacks that could affect the

Hillary 2016 app turns campaigning into a virtual game

By : CIOL Writers

Turns out, Hilary Clinton doesn’t want any bit of social media leverage to miss her campaign. So after, blazing networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook hot with campaign trails, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is launching an app designed to turn an

3 pillars of Clinton’s tech platform: Connectivity, education & entrepreneurship

By : CIOL Writers

Democratic nominee for the POTUS elections, Hillary Clinton has announced Connectivity, education, and entrepreneurship as the three principles of her technology platform unveiled yesterday at a Denver startup incubator. Though many questioned her decision to announce her technology imperatives outside