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Hortonworks data platforms support subscription now spans both on-premise and cloud

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Hortonworks, the innovator of open and connected data platforms has announced a new software support subscription to provide seamless support to organizations as they transition from on-premise to cloud. In today’s cloud-first world, more and more companies

NEC launches CoE for analytics platform & solutions in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA: NEC Corporation and NEC Technologies India Private Limited (NTI) today launched a Center of Excellence for Analytics Platform & Solutions (CoE-APS), for promoting solutions and services of NEC’s Big Data & Analytics Platform, Data Platform for Hadoop

Big Data trends that will shape 2017 

Deepak Ghodke In 2016, many more organizations began storing, processing, and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes. In 2017, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise. The market will

Multi-skilling helps professionals grab the high-paying jobs in big data

By : Soma Tah

Soma Tah As more and more working professionals are looking for career advancement, a dominant trend of upskilling and multi-skilling is quite prevalent in the IT industry today. Multi-skilling refers to acquiring different skill sets in a particular domain. From

3 reasons Hadoop is a perfect fit for your Big Data environment

Sujain Thomas We live in a world that is driven by information. There is literally a flood of information flowing into our organizations today. It is known as big data. Traditional database software no longer has the capacity to manage

6 key take-aways from Gartner’s 2015 database management systems Magic Quadrant

MUMBAI, INDIA: Gartner recently released database management systems Magic Quadrant. The report includes commercial and open source database vendors including relational database management systems (RDBMS), NoSQL databases, and in-memory databases with deployment models ranging from licensed software, public cloud or

Customer trends that defined TCS’s strong Q2 growth

MUMBAI, INDIA: The TCS result yesterday highlighted some interesting customer trends across verticals, across geographies. We list some key trends in the services, digital and platforms. Services: BFSI: Selected as strategic partner by a large mutual life-insurance company and a

How is Spark benefiting enterprises?

MUMBAI, INDIA: As IBM announced several initiatives involving Spark—its open source cluster computing environment similar to Hadoop, we present some use cases of its benefits to organizations. Findability Sciences: a consulting and contextual data technology solutions company is using IBM

7 top big data trends

Deepak Ghodke The innovation wave across industries touching big data is far from over. As a company we are also interested in innovative technologies and the value they provide to customers. These are the seven big data trends that stand

Hadoop, you don’t have many takers in India!

MUMBAI, INDIA: A recent Gartner survey has highlighted challenges to Hadoop adoption, and revealed that more than 50 percent respondents have no current plans for Hadoop investment. Respondents pointed to two interesting reasons for the lack of intent. First, several