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MAIT establishes action group for Digital India

BANGALORE, INDIA: MAIT has launched the Digital India Action Group (DIAG) to provide ideas for enriching and accelerating the roll-out of the Digital India Programme. Drawing its members from major ICT companies as well as from the Government, DIAG will

Inclusion or exclusion in Digital India, Net Neutrality will be the pathway

Sridhar K The essence of net neutrality lies in money, and access. Currently, anyone who has an internet connection can search,visit sites on the net and the ISP will charge the user for each byte they use as per the

COAI seeks Net Equality amidst the Net Neutrality debate

MUMBAI, INDIA: Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has pushed for an informed debate on Net Neutrality. In a statement issued yesterday, COAI reaffirmed its support for Net Neutrality, but also also made a strong pitch for net equality that will

Time Ticking: North-East India still paving its way digitally

GUWAHATI, INDIA: North East Development Foundation, an NGO in Assam organized e-Assam 2015 on `10th April 2015, a summit to discuss and share ideas on Digital Innovations for Development. When the entire country is going digital, a part of the

Part 2: How technology can transform govt. to citizen services?

Amit Midha, president, Dell, Asia Pacific & Japan in conversation with Thomas George, head of CyberMedia Research(CMR), Anil Chopra, group editor of CIOL & PCQuest and Ibrahim Ahmad, group editor of Voice&Data speaks on the inherent challenges of the ‘Digital

Collaborative approach can step up the pace of Digital India initiatives

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: On the sidelines of CMR-DELL Government Connect Deliberation Forum, we did a quick chat with Raman Bountra, Business Leader(Public) of Dell India to understand how challenging is it to lay the ground work for the new government’s ambitious

Twitter brings govt. closer to citizens with SMS updates

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Prime minister Narendra Modi took e-governance mission a step further by launching a new service on Twitter called ‘Twitter Samvad’. This will help the government bodies and leaders communicate directly with the citizens via Tweets and SMS