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Emerging technologies: A catalyst to cyber crimes

By : Ashok Pandey

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other emerging technologies are advancing industries. The technological developments are taking us towards a new future. Google, Apple and Facebook, name any organization, almost everyone either using AI or planning to implement soon.

C-Suite Beware: You are the latest targets of cybercrime

By : CIOL Bureau

C-level executives – who have access to a company’s most sensitive information, are now the major focus for social engineering attacks, alerts the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. Senior executives are 12x more likely to be the target of

Victories Against Cybercrime Demand Radical Change to Defense

By : CIOL Bureau

By JOE LEVY, SOPHOS CTO It doesn’t take an AI-powered sentiment analyzer to observe that reporting, disclosures, and headlines about the security industry skew negative. Whereas most other STEM industries – biotech, pharmaceuticals, robotics – celebrate breakthroughs, the public perception

Cisco joins hands with Interpol to fight cybercrime

By : CIOL Writers

Cisco has joined hands with the world’s largest international police organization, Interpol to share threat intelligence as the first step in jointly fighting cybercrime. The alliance will see the two organizations develop a coordinated and focused approach to data sharing. This not

Mona Lisa: No longer on CEOs’ walls. At least, not when they think security

By : Pratima Harigunani

MUMBAI, INDIA: From the whirlwind world tour that WannaCry attack tagged in May, to the Petya jolt that is keeping the globe busy firefighting again this week, ransomware is a word that has ceased to be some Grawlix that IT nerds

Reasons why organizations fall prey to pervasive ‘Cybercrime-as-a-Service’ attacks

BANGALORE, INDIA: Fortinet’s recent Global Threat Landscape Report reveals that while more high profile attacks have dominated the headlines, the reality is that the majority of threats faced by most organizations are opportunistic in nature fueled by a pervasive Crime-as-a-Service

McDelivery app reportedly leaked data of 2.2mn users, company denies the reports

By : CIOL Writers

One delicious burger might hand your personal information to cyber criminals. Yes, when giant tech companies like Yahoo, can fall prey to cyber attacks, we can quickly estimate the security conditions of a typical home-delivery app. The firm in question

Cyber-criminals are hacking home networks to attack large companies

By : CIOL Writers

Technology has definitely helped us reach the peaks of development, but at the same time, has left us exposed to the cyber-attacks. And cyber-criminals are taking complete advantage of the insufficient security. Symantec Corp, the global leader in cyber security,

Data breach at Oracle may affect hundreds of thousands of businesses

By : CIOL Writers

Software giant, Oracle has reportedly been hacked with far-reaching implications for its customers. According to KrebsOnSecurity, the breach affected Oracle’s MICROS division, which provides point-of-sale systems and support for many businesses around the world. In fact, the number of locations

Yahoo probing online hack involving 200mn accounts

By : CIOL Writers

Nations across the globe are witnessing an alarming rise in cyber crimes. However, this time, it’s the search engine Yahoo that is at the receiving end of a major hack. A hacker has put up for sale a cache of

Looking for dieting help? Beware of cyber-fat

INDIA: When it comes to the desire for the ideal body, people may be willing to sacrifice