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What bugs about Badlock?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Another vulnerability expose. Another round of days devoted to dissecting it. Another row

Major political and economic events are hot favorites of cyber snoopers!

BANGALORE, INDIA: Significant events, like the World Economic Forum, such as the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos which serve as a hub for important conversations and attract high-profile visitors from all over the world-also attracts malicious cyber-espionage groups and

Black Markets and Red Flags for IoT

MUMBAI, INDIA: Even as we are making projections and guesstimates on how soon and how big IoT will impact the world, there are security flags popping up. By 2020, a black market exceeding $five billion can exist to sell fake

Filling the skills gap in cyber security remains a challenge

MUMBAI, INDIA: Identifying security professionals who are truly qualified to safeguard corporate assets is becoming a challenge. “The aggressive increase in cyberattacks worldwide is feeding a growing chasm between demand and supply in the cybersecurity talent wars,” said Eddie Schwartz,

Who did it? Attribution challenges in the cyber space

BANGALORE, INDIA: 2015 saw campaigns from state-enabled actors, including the groups responsible for gaining unauthorized access to health care organizations and stealing personal information on millions of customers and employees. Many people point to companies victimized by cyber attacks, seeking

Hackers will devise more sophisticated evasion tactics in 2016, warns FortiGuard Labs

BANGALORE, INDIA: As in years past, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud play heavily in the malware and network security predictions but new malicious tactics and strategies will create unique challenges for vendors and organizations alike. Fortinet and its

Is unawareness abetting cyber-security gaps for CIOs?

MUMBAI, INDIA:  There are organizations around who currently feel moderately vulnerable to attacks arising from unaware employees (48 per cent, as a recent survey indicates) and this is due to more organizations encouraging the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy. That

Few useful tips that will keep you safe on Cyber Monday

MUMBAI, INDIA: As many people will be waiting for Cyber Monday to shop and save more, cyber-criminals will also be waiting for this day to take out fist full of money from your pocket. eScan provides some tips for shoppers

Defense to spend $10 billion on cyber security in 2015

MUMBAI, INDIA: Military forces, government agencies and private defense contractors are expected to spend over $10 billion on cyber security in 2015. According to new study by ABI Research, the money will be used in custom designed malware, military cyber

New offline Ransomware menacing Windows users

BANGALORE, INDIA: Researchers at eScan have detected and analyzed a new offline Ransomware ‘Trojan.Cryptolocker.AT’ targeting Windows users in Russia, which doesn’t need any interaction of Command and Control Server. How does it work? Firstly the Malware enters the system through

Mobile device users being held hostages by cyber criminals demanding ransom

BANGALORE, INDIA: As mobile devices become more deeply woven into the fabric of our personal and work lives, cyber criminals are taking increasingly vicious and disturbingly personal shots at us. “As we sleep, exercise, work and shop with our mobile

Why are businesses losing confidence in third-party suppliers?

BANGALORE, INDIA: Businesses are losing confidence in third-party suppliers. Over a third of companies do not trust their suppliers, with the figure for 2015 standing at 37% – up four percentage points on the previous year (33%), according to a

Drawing parallels between IoT and security

MUMBAI, INDIA: The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining acceptance among Indian consumers. However, a new ISACA survey shows that even as the Indian consumers embrace IoT, security concerns remain. This translates into a major confidence gap about the security

Atos joins forces with Airbus Defence and Space

PARIS: Airbus Defence and Space, a reference player on the cyber security market in Europe, and Atos, a digital services player, have agreed to join forces in response to the growing demand for cyber security solutions. The two companies have

NATO renews security contract with Microsoft

MUMBAI, INDIA: Microsoft has renewed its 12-year-old agreement with NATO. Affirming the development, Glenn Pittaway, Senior Director, Trustworthy Computing Government and Industry Programs, Microsoft, wrote in a blog post, “This signing is the latest step in our 12-year cyber security

Nasscom wants PM Modi to push for investor friendly policies with US

MUMBAI, INDIA: Industry body NASSCOM wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi to focus on cyber security and push for investor friendly policies during his visit to the US later this month. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman, and R Chandrasekhar, President, NASSCOM, will

Cybercrime needs national-level attention

NEW DELHI, INDIA: A report highlights the measures adopted by several countries across the globe for prevention, detection, investigation and speedier trial of cybercrimes, vis-à-vis the current cybersecurity initiatives in India. While some nations have taken extreme measures based on

NSA shares source code of SIMP cyber security tool

UNITED STATES: As a part of its endeavour to fight cybercrime, the National Security Agency (NSA) has shared the source code of its systems integrity management platform (SIMP) technology. The tool allows computer systems to maintain a specific security posture,

Q2 2015 saw 132pc jump in DDoS attacks

BANGALORE, INDIA: The threat posed by distributed denial of service (DDoS) and web application attacks continues to grow each quarter, reveals the Q2 2015 State of the Internet- Security Report by Akamai Technologies. “Malicious actors are continually changing the game

Corporate guests at luxury hotels are the new favorites of cyber spies

BANGALORE, INDIA: “Darkhotel”, an elite spying crew famous for infiltrating Wi-Fi networks in luxury hotels to compromise selected corporate executives, has been using a zero-day vulnerability from Hacking Team’s collection since the beginning of July, finds out Kaspersky Lab. This