Digitization and automation will make the traditional IT job roles redundant soon

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As digitization and automation wave started disrupting the industries, it will have a major impact on the career choices of IT professionals as well.


While companies are looking to adopt new technologies and platforms to advance their business results, professionals also need to focus on preparing for job roles of the future.

The traditional IT job roles such as Software Test Engineer (in Manual Testing), System Engineer (in Infrastructure Management), Customer Service Executive (in BPOs) and Server Maintenance (in System Maintenance), are expected to massively decline over the next five years, said a recently released report by Simplilearn.

The job roles that are likely to see a massive decline over the next few years are:

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Although roles such as Data Analyst and Project Manager will continue to be in demand but the skills required to perform these roles will witness a shift. Instead new IT jobs will be emerging in the domain of Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.

Roles such as Data Scientist, Big Data Architect, and Big Data Engineer will gain prominence in the Big Data and Data Science category.


New IT jobs such as Machine Learning Engineer, AI Architect, IoT Architect and Data Scientist will be in demand in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Azure/AWS Consultant and Cloud/Azure Architect are new positions that will be in demand in the field of Cloud Computing.

In the field of Cyber Security, jobs like Security Auditor, Information Security Manager, and Cyber Security Architect are likely to gain prominence.

Kashyap Dalal, Chief Business Officer, Simplilearn said,"The IT industry is seeing the impact of two major trends - one, that of AI and machine learning. And second, that of legacy skill-sets going out of date. While there is a risk to jobs due to these trends, the good news is that a huge number of new jobs are getting created as well in areas like Cyber Security, Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. It is clearly a time of career pivot for IT professionals, to make sure they are where the growth is."

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