IBM acquires cyber security startup Agile 3 Solutions

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In a bid to further strengthen its security system, IBM Security Solutions has acquired cyber-security startup Agile 3 Solutions, for an undisclosed price.


The acquisition is scheduled to be closed within next few weeks.

Agile 3 Solutions, a San Francisco-based startup develops software to manage risks associated with the protection of sensitive data like merger and acquisition plans, sales strategies, and intellectual property data.

“Adding Agile 3 Solutions to the IBM Security immune system of capabilities gives our team the ability to not only protect critical data, but demonstrate why it is at risk, and how to remediate that risk. Knowing what your crown jewel data is, and understanding its susceptibility to exploitation via external or insider threats, is an imperative for any organisation," General Manager, IBM Security, Marc van Zadelhoff said in a statement.


With this acquisition, IBM will offer Agile 3 Solutions’ technology through Data Security Services. IBM also plans to integrate Agile 3 Solutions’ capabilities into its industry-leading data protection software IBM Guardium.

Raghu Varadan, Founder and CEO of Agile 3 Solutions said, "Our mission has been to bring the C-Suite into the security decision making process on their terms. Now with IBM Security, we’re bringing together the ability to not only influence decisions but to take action to protect business-critical data,"

Moreover, IBM is also planning to acquire Ravy Technologies, a subcontractor of Agile 3 Solutions.

IBM's latest announcement marks the 20th security acquisition the company has made since 2015.

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