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Einstein GPT: More than Salesforce’s Hat in the AI ring

By Pratima H It was a big splash at Trailblazers DX 23. It had to be. The Salesforce announcement about coming out with its own Einstein GPT has a lot of connotations after the ChatGPT disruption and efforts by Google

5 disruptions that ChatGPT can unleash

By : Sunil Rajguru

There are already 100 things you can do with ChatGPT and the whole world is figuring that out with total users crossing 100 million some time back. But what are the industries it’s likely to disrupt and what are the

The politics of ChatGPT

By : Sunil Rajguru

One thing not discussed often enough in the media about Silicon Valley is its politics. It is uniform and monochrome. Most of the billionaires are in total agreement of which party to back (Democrats), which leaders to support (reliable Leftists)

Welcome! We’re now entering Asimov’s Robotic Universe

By : Sunil Rajguru

Nadine is a “gynoid humanoid social robot” that at least superficially can fool many passers by. Boston Dynamics has created the most agile robots you can think of including ATLAS, which is humanoid. Siri was the first true mobile voice