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Sunil Rajguru
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Nadine is a “gynoid humanoid social robot” that at least superficially can fool many passers by. Boston Dynamics has created the most agile robots you can think of including ATLAS, which is humanoid. Siri was the first true mobile voice assistant while Alexa can answer basic information, and more importantly it can control all the functions of the Smart Home.


Enter ChatGPT, your AI entity which can assist you in your primary research, making first drafts, writing resumes and letters to authorities, understanding difficult topics including Maths, creating and checking code, making music and jokes, getting all manner of advice… (phew!) and of course be your companion.

Now just combine all of the above and you’ve already got a smart robotic companion that would fit into the timeline of the Isaac Asimov Robotic Universe. It looks like we are on the cusp of a Brave New World. So will AI be your best friend? Already Social Media is the entire social life of a fraction of the world’s population. What would happen if everyone had a robot? That world can be created in no time. While there have been umpteen Hollywood an foreign movies on this, the most interesting one is the Malayalam Android Kunjappan Version 5.25, available on Netflix.

But that’s just the common man. What would all the other entities make of them? The corporate world would get a fleet of slaves who could work for them 24X7. The government would get dedicated workers who would never rebel. An army would get an invincible pool of super soldiers.

Technology has been moving really fast since Covid happened and so something like the impending ChatGPT Revolution was probably inevitable. This is not even taking into account the Metaverse which can create a parallel virtual world apart from the one which your robotic companion provides. Billionaire maverick Elon Musk was behind OpenAI which came out with ChatGPT. He’s got many more tricks up his sleeve. Just think of Neuralink, the brain-computer interface that you can implant in your head to enter the era of cyborgs. What would that do to the above mix? One only shudders to think!

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