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Going Beyond the Advertising: The evolution Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

By : Ashok Pandey

By Parveez Nasyam, CEO & Managing Director – Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd A good marketing campaign has the power to change minds and convince the audience to buy the goods and services provided by the brand. But companies nowadays are

Reliance jio launches AI-based video brand-engagement platform, JioInteract

MUMBAI, INDIA: Transforming the way brands and customers think of engagement, Reliance Jio has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based brand engagement platform – JioInteract. The first of many services to be launched on this platform is the Live Video Call that

India consumed 10pc of all global video ads in 2017

PUNE, INDIA: India has become the fourth largest consumer of mobile video ads in 2017, consuming 10% of all global video ads after US (22%), Indonesia (12%), and China (11%), according to a report by InMobi. This despite India accounting for

Micromax ropes in Affle to deliver personalized ad experiences to the users

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Micromax has entered into an exclusive data partnership with Singapore-based ‘Mobile Audience Intelligence and Analytics’ platform company, Affle to help deliver superior audience intelligence and blended native advertising solutions to over 60Mn users in India. As part

Instagram now has 1mn monthly advertisers

By : CIOL Writers

Last year was an exceptional year for Instagram. The photo-sharing app launched more updates in the past 12 months than it had ever done before. And looks like the updates have paid off well. From 200,000 active advertisers last year, Instagram now claims one

Mobile advertising to overtake desktop advertising in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

Mobile devices are already the primary means of accessing the internet across the world, and it is reported to further increase 75 percent of all internet advertising in 2017, according to Zenith’s recent Mobile Advertising Forecasts. The report says that

Meet programmatic, the digital cousin of targeted TV advertising

Ravi Peravali Consumer viewing habits have changed a lot in recent years, as the television programs can nowadays be watched on a variety of devices and platforms: tablets or Smartphone’s, laptops, and connected TVs. On the other hand, the television

Tech This Week: Cannes, Brexit, Tesla: Full of big strokes

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Deep learning software, geometric proportions’ analysis, algorithms to understand strokes, height maps, facial recognition data: and

42pc users unaware of involuntary mobile data use by video ads

NEW DELHI, INDIA:Despite being cautious about the mobile data spends, a majority of smartphone users in

Snapdeal brings advanced advertising tools for sellers

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Snapdeal’s new advertising platform now enables sellers to target the right customers, based

Indians find mobile advertising annoying

By : CIOL Writers

Finally, someone has listened to us. Who doesn’t find mobile advertising annoying? Amidst apps or emails

India is Twitter’s third largest SMB market in APAC

BANGALORE, INDIA: India is one of Twitter’s fastest-growing SMB markets worldwide and is the third largest

Thanks, but No Thanks. Ad-Blockers Gonna Stay?

Pratima H INDIA: “If some girls walk into a café for half an hour and the

Using location data to make advertising more contextual

Ankit Rawal Since time immemorial Indians have attributed great fascination and pride to “location.” As any

InMobi ensures in-app mobile ad viewability

BANGALORE, INDIA: InMobi announces 100% viewability for all in-app mobile ad campaigns, aligning to the Media

Despite Mobileggedon, Facebook ads more relevant than Google

MUMBAI, INDIA: In late April, Google updated its algorithm to give mobile-friendly websites preference in ranking for

And the Lion goes to…..

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: It happens every year, corralling every species of marketing and creative folks from