Snapchat's new sky filters make your boring photos exciting

CIOL Writers
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Snapchat launches new Sky filters that makes your boring snaps cool

Snapchat has released a new sky filter to celebrate its sixth birthday. The latest filter lets users change the background of their image using technology that helps detect when there is the sky in the photos.


Now, anytime the app detects a sky in your picture, "Sky Filters" will show up in the filter carousel. They'll allow you to switch the real sky out for something entirely different including a starry night, a sunset, one with a brewing storm or a sky with rainbows. Once the app recognizes the sky in your picture, the sky filters option will automatically appear in your filters carousel. You then just have to swipe left and right to see your options, with different filters made available every day.

The new filters change the look of the sky so a clear sky can be filled with storm clouds or a sunny sky can be filled with stars after you've already taken a photo. You'll only be able to use the new sky filters on still photos, not videos, for now. According to Snapchat, Sky Filters will rotate daily and are available on iOS and Android. Earlier this month, Snapchat brought your Bitmojis to life through their World Lenses option.

The filters are starting to roll out today but you might not see them just yet until it’s rolled out fully.