A new year, a new COVID variant and a whole lot of new challenges

By : CIOL Bureau

It’s not surprising that many of us have the same feeling – the year 2021 went by quickly. Logic states otherwise but two years of working from home and then a hybrid workplace approach has meant that our interactions with

FAME II scheme amendments will propel the Indian EV industry in the right direction

By : CIOL Bureau

In its ongoing endeavour to grow EV adoption and manufacturing in India, the Government of India has come up with several incentive schemes. The recently announced revised FAME 2 is a significant step towards taking the sector to the next

Leveraging AI & analytics to build the shoppers of future

By : CIOL Bureau

Imagine a traditional retail outlet not too long ago. Even in the age of modern retail organizations, shopping used to be an uncomplicated thing just a few decades back. There were standard channels of purchasing goods and services. Retail was

How Emerging Technology is Changing the Data Privacy Landscape

By : CIOL Bureau

As digital beings, we are sometimes unaware of the vast amount of data that we are generating. While this data is integral to enhancing our online experiences, it also puts our privacy in great danger. Fortunately, new and improved technologies

How India Can Prevent and/or Reduce the Alarmingly High Rates of Road Accidents and Road Fatalities

By : CIOL Bureau

To understand how dangerous our Indian roads are, one just needs to look at the following statistics:  World Bank Report in 2020 says that India accounts for 11% of global road crash victims while having only 1 per cent

How COVID-19 accelerated the adaptation of virtual events

By : CIOL Bureau

The pandemic’s occurrence in the year 2020 indeed disrupted our lives and the working of businesses across sectors. While on one hand, it brought about major changes, on the other hand, it also led to the introduction of innovations across

How startups across the world are fighting Covid with leading-edge innovations

By : CIOL Bureau

Tech startups around the world have come forward to put leading-edge innovations at the service of mankind and frontline Covid warriors. While a plethora of companies played their part by contributing to government funds such as the Indian government’s PM

Fintech companies Providing Doorstep Banking Services

By : CIOL Bureau

Recently Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated Doorstep Banking Services by PSBs. The aim is to provide the convenience of banking services to the customers in pandemic to their doorstep through the universal touchpoints of Call

Changing Landscape of Security and Surveillance Market in India

By : CIOL Bureau

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 outbreak has taught the world, it is that the future is almost always more uncertain than we dare to imagine. A year ago, nobody would have had the foresight to predict the current

Adding Real Estate to the Cart: Improvisation in times of crisis

By : CIOL Bureau 2

While we are marooned in this lockdown and staying home and social distancing have become imperative, it is even harder for those who wanted to shift homes just around the lockdown period. However, the timing could not be more perfect

Universities to likely conduct PG and graduation exams in August, datesheet to be announced in July

By : CIOL Bureau

Due to lockdown, schools and colleges are worst affected still.  Although they are conducting classes online, it is still difficult for students. They don’t know when the universities will conduct PG and graduation exams and when the new sessions will

How to Remove a Duplicate Google Business Listing?

By : CIOL Bureau

Everyone must have come across a duplicate Google My Business and you are trying hard to get that removed. Removing the duplicate Google My Business listings is never something difficult to do. You just need to follow some steps and

Fighting Misinformation During The Ongoing Pandemic

By : CIOL Bureau 1

While the whole world is fighting against COVID-19, the amount of fake news and misinformation circling around on people’s phones are also posing huge obstacles for the administration. In the current circumstances, infodemic is causing more issues than the pandemic.

How Future Ready Schools Are Taking Up the Challenge Of A Lockdown?

By : CIOL Bureau

Is this the VUCA world we were preparing for? Though we had certainly believed that the future will be volatile and uncertain, we were certainly not ready to be overwhelmed by an unseen deadly virus. The coronavirus pandemic has forced

Video Management Industry Trends in India for 2020

By : CIOL Bureau 1

India’s Vision for becoming a digitally strong, smart and safe nation will witness the below six trends that will drive the video management market in the year 2020India’s Vision for becoming a digitally strong, smart and safe nation will witness

5 Technological Trends of 2020 that’ll take Aviation Industry to New Heights

By : CIOL Bureau

Flying to the new heights as innovators of strategic planning, airlines are the early adopters of many latest technologies. While some of them may augment security, others are targeted towards making the process easier for passengers. Let us discuss some

School Ecosystem: Revolutionising the next wave

By : Ashok Pandey

The modern schools are equipped with next-gen technologies to help children not only gain knowledge also become an expert. The education industry has seen numerous developments including the applications and smart school ecosystem. Aarul Malaviya, founder of MASH Virtual (UK)

Why Artificial Intelligence is a necessity in Digital Marketing?

By : CIOL Bureau

From newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, door-to-door advertisements, radio shows & announcements, television – our country has always relied on the traditional means of communication. Until the internet came into the picture! The mediums of communication changed from traditional to new-age digital

Brain-on-a-chip: How does it work?

By : CIOL Bureau

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications like machine learning and natural language processing have revolutionized many industries and everyday life. As computing power continues to improve and the world gathers more data, the capability of the

Personalization: Differentiation done right

By : CIOL Bureau

Personalization is more than just a trend. According to McKinsey, it has the potential to create up to $US3 trillion in new value for the business, driven by the engines of data, marketing, eCommerce, analytics, design, and distribution. From the