Narendra Modi becomes the most followed world leader on social media

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CIOL Narendra Modi becomes the most followed world leader on social media

When the United States 44th President Barack Obama ceded the presidency role to new President-elect Donald Trump, some rank-reversal took place on the Twitter platform too.


With approximately 81 million followers on Twitter, Barack Obama was the most followed world leader on social media. However, on Friday, the position was taken by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who currently is the most followed world leader on Twitter, with 26.5 million followers.

Presently Modi has over 39.2 followers on Facebook, 3.2 million on Google+, 1.99 million on LinkedIn, 5.8 million on Instagram, and 5,91,000 subscribers on YouTube. PMO India’s account is also followed by 15.5 million Twitter users.

Modi's mobile app, which is also the most widely used app for a political figure, has more than 10 million downloads.


Don't you want to know their 'following' list also? Starting with Donald Trump, he follows only 42 accounts. India's prime minister follows 1,641 accounts, whereas Obama's Twitter handle follows 631,987 accounts.

Other world leaders like Dalai Lama have 13.1 million of followers and the Pope has 12.5 million followers.

Like Trump and Obama, other (Indian) political leaders like Sushma Swaraj are also known to use the social media platform for social welfare and campaigns.

However, the most followed account on Twitter is not owned by leaders but Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry who is at the top spot with 95.3 million followers. Katy Perry is followed by Justin Bieber 91.2 million followers and Taylor Swift with 83.1 million.

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