PM Narendra Modi cautions citizens about mobile, internet fraud

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Though smartphones and the internet have made everything from grocery shopping to banking easier and convenient, together they are also resulting in ever increasing number of frauds. In short, "where there is money there is a crime."


As the number of cyber-attacks witness a steady rise in India, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has cautioned citizens regarding the frauds executed through the use of mobile phones and the Internet.

Referring to reports of a woman committing suicide after being duped in this manner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the country in his 'Mann Ki Baat' over the radio said, "People receive tempting offers of gift prizes and other swindling schemes over their mobile phones or via Internet."

CIOL PM NarendraModicautions Citizens About Mobile, Internet Fraud


"These are new ways thrown up by technology to loot the public. I know of a retired person with a daughter to marry off and a home to build, who received such a gift offer from abroad, asking that he first deposit Rs. 2 lakhs in a bank as customs duty for receiving the item," he added.

PM further said,"A new way of digital crime is where criminals falsely get your bank, credit card details and soon find their accounts emptied of money. People should become aware and not fall into the trap of such tempting offers.”

Considering digital payments will be a humongous $500 Billion market by 2020, comprising of 15 percent of India’s GDP, giving heed to Modi's caution would be a wise approach.

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