Lyft announces in-app navigation via Google Maps for drivers

CIOL Writers
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As the battle to become the number one ride-hailing company in the US intensifies, Lyft has announced to bring a new feature on the Lyft Driver app called Lyft Navigation. Lyft Navigation is built with Google Maps and is accessed right from the Driver app.


Lyft says it introduced the feature based on the feedback received from drivers actually using their service and now they will not need to switch to a separate navigation system to find their first turn. Instead, they’ll immediately be put into the Google Maps view without having to exit once they start their trip. By integrating Google Maps into its app, Lyft is hoping to minimize the swiping, and also keep drivers locked into its own digital ecosystem.

The feature will have access to Google most preferred options for navigation including night mode, route previews, heads up on incoming turns and traffic information.

The new feature is a win-win situation for both passengers and drivers. As for passengers, once you hop into your Lyft ride, you will be immediately on your way. And as for the drivers, you can focus simply on getting your passenger safely to their destination, without the unneeded inconvenience of switching between apps.

Lyft’s new Google-built navigation is currently only available to drivers who use Android, with the feature rolling out to iOS users in the near future.