JEE Main/NEET 2020: Less Than A Month To Exams, Use These Tips To Study

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Since only slightly less than a month is left now, the time for starting from scratch is over, unfortunately. But I’m sure you all have been preparing night and day. The situations are tough and you all are under so much pressure. Especially due to the virus. There are petitions all over the internet to get it cancelled, yet there is only a month left. You can either choose to not give the JEE Main or NEET exam or you back up and start revising. There is no sense in looming over the internet without having a consequential result.

So, you have been roughly prepping for two years, without going back home and nose buried in books. Time can’t get worse. So here are some tips to relieve you from the pressure and move towards the goal. Like said before, the time to start from scratch is over.

Tips to crack JEE Main or NEET 2020

1. Set a Goal

Every situation needs planning. Now, rather than planning long term, divide your activities into daily pieces and focus to study every day. Preparation for these exams over and over and over brings boredom. You are keeping yourself away from family. So, you can lessen this by looking at webinars, vlogs, podcasts apart from gaining the knowledge from books alone.

All you have to do is, stay calm and confident. Meditate daily and focus on everyday activity.

2. You will need a timetable

Such exams requires a lot of preparation and time schedule. So, you must have a crucial plan that will help you organize and distribute things accordingly. Luckily for you, here is a timetable that you can follow. We also have a subject-wise guide to study from.

But you need to understand that apart from prepping for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology, you also have to solve a lot of mock tests and previous year question papers. Use National Abhyas Test, if you can’t find mock papers.

Here’s the timetable guide for NEET Students.

3. Revise. Eat the Greens, not the Frogs

Students must focus on all three subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. All the students should refer the previous year question papers as this will give them an idea of the pattern and the type of questions asked in the JEE Main or NEET exam. Toppers of JEE Main and NEET always go through the previous year question papers and considers them as an important part of the study material. Take the mock test every day or at least every two days.

Now the time to understand difficult topics is over. You have to rely on whatever you already know. Preparing notes of all the important topics would be beneficial while revising before the exam. The notes should include important concepts, formulae and previous year important questions. In the last week before the exams, instead of wasting time in going through the subject topic-wise, one can go through the notes and revise their subjects well.

4. Explore options on internet about colleges rather than trying to cancel the exams

This may sound a little harsh, but you have to understand that you can’t keep talking about the exams cancel only. It will add to your stress and you might not even get time to revise. Plus the negativity, with which others might talk, is never good for the brain. Keep an eye on the trend, talk about the exam cancellation, give out pleas, but simultaneously try to find other options.

Many colleges have begun admission processes, or at least released their dates. Try to find how many marks you would need to get into college. The country is already starting to unlock, your concerns are correct, but you can’t stay locked up forever. So start revising again.

If by chance the exams get cancelled, it will be a win for you both ways.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

Students appearing for the exam always neglect their health. You might talk about the virus, but you might be living an unhealthy lifestyle during this phase. Eat healthy food and avoiding junk food will help gain nutrition to your body and brain. Apart from this, play some indoor games like chess, leave PUBG out and perform yoga.

Listen to music to calm your mind and play games that which will enhance your concentration skills. Don’t fall sick to Corona, or any other Flu or a ruined digestive system. You have to fight as the career you have chosen requires strength. If you get sick (upset stomach), it will ultimately affect your preparation. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is a must.

(Disclaimer: This is an authored article and only suggests ways you can improve your position to secure a decent rank in JEE Main and NEET 2020. The views expressed by the author are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of CIOL.)

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