NEET 2020 prep guide: Here is a subject-wise guide alongwith a timetable

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The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET 2020) is a competitive exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts this exam for aspirants seeking admissions to undergraduate MBBS and BDS courses all over India.

Every year more and more candidates apply for NEET Exam to pursue a career in medical science. This year 16.84 lakh applicants have applied to NEET 2020. While every year is a battle for students, this year you are fighting it twice. One, with the exam stress and second with the pandemic stress. But now that a little over a month is left, here are some NEET Exam details that can help aspirants to prepare for the examination.

The foremost important thing to prepare for NEET 2020 is to take as many Mock Tests as possible.

What are the important topics to cover?

For Physics, keep your major focus on Optics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics. Next up is chemistry and it is by far the easiest out of the three. Focus on General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding.
Lastly, in Biology keep your concepts about Genetics, Ecology & Environment, Cell Biology, Morphology, Basics of Biotechnology, Reproduction, Physiology of Animals & Plants very clear.

The study plan for NEET 2020

Next up, I need to stress the importance of planning. You don’t know the future, so better plan and exert some control over it rather than going haphazardly and being in the dark. The former plan can bring you peace of mind, a good idea of what you’re doing and where you’re going and what you need to do and where you need to go. So, needless to say, planning is essential. Now, you probably know what a basic study plan is, but still, I’ll digress and chart out something basic. Say you wake up at 9. Wake at 6, then. Watch some videos on how to do that. Here we go:

• 0600-0700 = Wake up, work out a little.

• 0700-0800 = Breakfast and whatever else you need to do.

• 0800-1015 = Study (One subject out of 3, with 5-minute breaks after every 30, probably Biology)

• 1015-1100 = Rest, play a game, watch a video, get a snack, hydrate.

• 1100-1430 = Study (subject 2, probably Physics)

• 1430-1530 = Break time, do whatever you want.

• 1530-1700 = Study (subject 3, Chem, obviously)

• 1700-1800 = Break time again

• 1800-1900 = Revision

• 1900-2130 = Mock test (Yes, try finishing it 2 1/2 hours to practice precision)

• 2130-2200 = Check answers

• 2200-0600 = Sleep, all of it.

That’s it. It includes a healthy amount of work-rest ratio so you won’t be too fussed. And no, you can’t leave the mock test. You haven’t got any choice if you want to clear the NEET 2020. There are many mock tests available on the National Abhyas Test App.

Follow these simple steps to take up the NEET 2020 mock test

– Download a sample OMR online

– Open the test you will be taking that day

– Sit in an uninterrupted place

– Set an alarm from 1900 to 2130

– Start solving (better practice it offline even if the paper is online.

– Check the results and make a strategy for studying the next day. This way, you will know your weaker sections and get a hang of solving the NEET 2020 papers.

Since NEET is a highly competitive exam, a difference of 5 marks can bring you down by nearly 50 ranks. So, you need to have a well-practised hand. Get clear over your concepts, do previous year question papers, find a pattern if you can and that about it.

There is no getting out of solving question papers even if you are the best there is.

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(Disclaimer: This is an authored article and only suggests ways you can improve your position to secure a decent rank in NEET 2020. The views expressed by the author are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of CIOL.)

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