iPhone X users reporting green line on their OLED display screens

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Some iPhone X users are reporting a persistent green line on the edges of the display screen

Just days after the launch of Apple's iPhone X, some users are reporting problems with their OLED display screens. The users are complaining about a persistent green line on the edges of the phone screen. The green line does not appear to affect the functionality but is pretty annoying.


Twitter users mix0mat0sisNate Heagy and Christian Roman, represent a few of the examples of the “green line of death” as they are calling it. No one seems to know what causes it or how prevalent it actually is. The green line wasn't visible on any of the affected iPhone X units when they were first taken out of the box but rather developed spontaneously after some period of usage in normal conditions. The devices involved also don't appear to have been dropped or damaged in any way.

Apple is yet to respond to the problem and there seems to be no fix as of now. Some users have reportedly already replaced their faulty units in local Apple service centers.

Many of the user reports claim that restarting or even fully restoring the device doesn't remove the green line, which typically runs vertically along the right or left side of the display, but can show up elsewhere on the screen. The issue doesn't appear to be limited to specific iPhone X models or locations with complaints coming in from the United States, Canada, Poland and Australia at the moment.

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