Instagram now lets you join your friend's live broadcast

CIOL Writers
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Instagram is shutting down its global community division

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram allowed users to live stream together. However, the feature was one way. But now Instagram has a fix for that. The company has announced a new option that lets you join your friends broadcast.


The new update allows the live streamer to add a 'Request' button on their page so friends can request to jump in  if they didn’t get the invite. Once accepted, the stream divides in half (either horizontally or vertically, based on the orientation you’re watching the stream).

When hosting your own live video, you can easily see requests from friends who want to join. In the comments section, you’ll see a notification for each request. Just tap the “View” button and then choose to add your friend or cancel the request. You can add and remove someone at any time.

The new icon with two smiley faces will let hosts know how many requests they have, and tapping that icon allows them to accept requests or invite other viewers.


The new feature is available via version 24 of the Instagram application for iOS and Android.