India, take note: Here's how the Bulgarian Government will allow correction in Covid Vaccine Certificate

India, take note: Here's how the Bulgarian Government will allow correction in Covid Vaccine Certificate via simple email methods.

Laxitha Mundhra
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In the vaccinated population of 16 crores, we have over a thousand people who are a victim of mistakes in their covid vaccine certificate. This could lead to not receiving a second dose or a final certificate of the vaccine. But the helplines are so busy, it is impossible to get a technical solution from them. In case, we get to talk to someone from the helpline, there is specifically no possibility to edit the vaccine certificates post taking the vaccination. CiOL took some testimonials from the public and the expression of problems has amplified.


A Guidance Document on CoWIN states, “Till the time of vaccination, all the records of registration and appointment can be edited/deleted by the person making the registration/appointment. Only when a person gets vaccinated, the record is locked and cannot be edited/deleted.”

If it is extremely necessary, for example, your vaccine certificate says Covaxin if you have taken Covidshield; you need to talk to the hospital or the local Government body like Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika etc. Other than that, if you have not got your vaccine yet, you can delete the registration and re-register. But you cannot edit your errors in the certificate.

How is the Bulgarian Government allowing corrections in the Covid Vaccine Certificate?


According to a local news portal, the Sofia Globe, the Bulgarian Government has outlined the procedures to fix spelling errors in the Covid vaccine certificates. Going forward, the procedure will also include data such as names, date of vaccination, personal ID number or address. For this, the vaccine recipient should lodge a formal request with the vaccination centre where they received the jab or the regional health inspectorate.

In a free worded email, the recipient must outline the details in the certificate as well as the error. After that, the management of the medical facility will submit a formal application to the regional health inspectorate to correct the data. Upon approval by the regional health inspectorate, the Health Ministry will consider it and approve a new Vaccine Certificate. The ministry also assured that victim of errors can directly report to the Health Ministry. They can attach the vaccination certificate and the correct spelling of the names and email it directly.

The mechanism in brief


Victim writes to the place where they received their vaccination

→ "the place" will forward the application to the regional health inspectorate

→ Inspection of the application and supporting material


→ Formal application forwarded to the Health Ministry

→ Health Ministry updates the record and issues a new Certificate.

India can surely take a lesson and implement a strategy to help these victims of errors.

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