Errors in COVID-19 vaccine certificate cannot be edited: Here's Why

A junior official, on condition of anon, stated that once you get vaccinated, the records are locked and you cannot edit the covid-19 vaccine certificate.

Laxitha Mundhra
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Errors in COVID-19 vaccine certificate cannot be edited: Here's Why

Currently, users are unable to edit errors in their name, gender and Aadhar card numbers on the COVID-19 vaccine Certificate after they have received the vaccine shot. CiOL took some testimonials from the public and the expression of problems has amplified. “I am a victim. My birth year, in the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate, says 1976 instead of 1996,” said Zahid. “My surname is also missing. Where do I go, as my problems are genuine and if not rectified, I won't be able to travel anywhere? I request the authorities to bring out the option of editing certificates at least per the information on the Aadhar card.”


“My DoB is incorrect in the certificate. My parents' names are misspelt on the certificate. Who is responsible for this error? This is a barrier in the travel where the destination asks for a vaccination certificate,” said Raj. Another citizen, Vikas Kumar, a banking professional stated that since he is a frontline worker, he went for on-site vaccination. “While verifying my details at the centre, the vaccination team said that my Aadhar details already reflects that I have taken my 1st dose of Covaxin on 13.05.2021. I contacted the helpline number provided at Aarogya Setu but they don't know how to rectify the same. Also, there is no redressal mechanism to escalate this issue at any site.”

Are Foreign Countries not accepting Aadhar-enabled Vaccine certificates?

Loveena Joseph told Dataquest, “My father has taken first dose CovidShield vaccine by registering with Aadhaar card as the photo ID. But as per Dubai rules, the Aadhaar card is not valid. So how can he change the photo ID proof from Aadhaar to passport after vaccination and issuance of the certificate? Is there any way of reissuing the certificate with passport as photo ID?”


On a similar line, Sania told CiOL, “I registered my appointment by providing my Aadhar number but Foreign countries are not considering it as an ID proof. There should be an option of adding the passport number, otherwise, I won’t be able to travel anywhere.”

There are several other queries including ones on COVID-19 vaccine registration, certificate editing, and issuance of the final certificate. The list is endless. CiOL is trying to get in touch with the authorities responsible for the Cowin platform.

Meanwhile, a junior official, on condition of anonymity stated, “You can edit and delete records and appointments before the vaccination. Once you get vaccinated, the records are locked and you cannot edit them.”


Why can't you edit errors in the COVID-19 vaccine certificate?

Apparently, this is not new. A Guidance Document on CoWIN also states, “Till the time of vaccination, all the records of registration and appointment can be edited/deleted by the person making the registration/appointment. Only when a person gets vaccinated, the record is locked and cannot be edited/deleted.”

In fact, in an interaction with The Hindu, Dr RS Sharma Chairman, Empowered Group on COVID vaccination, had stated that the present system of vaccination event is recorded as Immutable Vaccination Event Record (IVER) which could not be altered. “If we allow it to be changed, then all kinds of problems could occur. People can misuse it to get the certificate by changing the names of the person etc. Hence, we did not have any provision for change in the IVER,” he had said.

How can you change the errors in the Vaccine Certificates?

If it is extremely necessary, you need to talk to the hospital or the local Government body like Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika etc. Other than that, if you have not got your vaccine yet, you can delete the registration and re-register. But you cannot edit your errors in the certificate.

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