Google Maps will soon notify when it's time to get off the bus

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If you're one of those who easily doze off in a bus or train missing your station often, then Google Maps' upcoming update could be godsend for you.


Google will soon launch a useful update to Google Maps that will give users live guidance and interactive real-time notifications during their journey, according to TechCrunch

The user will get updates while he'she is in transit that will reportedly appear in the Google Maps app, as well as Android lock screen.

To activate this, one can search for directions to the desired location on Google Maps, as always. However, with the update in place, a user will soon be able to tap a "start" button at the bottom of the screen with details about the journey and then get live updates on the go, be it by foot, train, bus or car.

More importantly, it will even remind users to get off a bus or train when he/she gets close to a stop - a feature useful when you are travelling to a new place or you accidentally doze off.

There's no official word on the roll out or the countries where the update will make way.

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