‘Fashion Flair’: World’s First Fashion Collection Developed Using Smartphone Artificial Intelligence

New fashion collection was co-created using the Artificial Intelligence from the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, coupled with Anna Yang, founder of ANNAKIKI

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Huawei launches ‘Fashion Flair’, a new smartphone based approach to fashion design that combines the power of smartphone Artificial Intelligence (AI) with creative human flair to generate unique fashion designs of any style. To support the launch of ‘Fashion Flair’, Huawei partnered with Anna Yang, Creative Director and founder of fashion label ANNAKIKI, to undertake and complete the world’s first 22 piece fashion collection.


The collection was unveiled at the iconic superStudio+ in Milan on May 09, 2019. To celebrate the first “Fashion Flair” collection, Anna Yang chose to use the colour range of the HUAWEI P30 Series products, in combination with the outputs of the AI app. The four most significant garments in the collection reflects the shimmering colours of the latest Huawei products: Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Aurora and Black.

“At Huawei we aspire to combine technology with human expertise, allowing us to go beyond what is humanly possible, but keep the authenticity that the human eye can bring." states Isabella Lazzini, Marketing & Retail Director Huawei CBG Italia. “Artistic expression is built on the inspiration that creators take from the trends they see around them and experiences that they have built up over many years. With Fashion Flair, we’ve used AI to give fashion designers an alternative starting point for developing their outfits, all built on real trends and experiences. “Fashion Flair” designs produced by our AI are designed to be the building blocks for the next creative breakthrough in fashion.”

To create the ‘Fashion Flair’ collection, Huawei developed an original ‘Fashion Flair’ app which was trained by inputting tens of thousands of iconic fashion images from the last 100 years into the platform, along with a specific set of ANNAKIKI collection images. By applying a number of filters in the app by the designer, the AI in the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 PRO created a proposal for an initial outfit, which was then developed into a finished garment by Anna Yang. The app, once all images have been processed, has the ability to create infinite outfit proposals presenting designers with endless creative possibilities.


The work of Anna Yang, renowned for the creative flair of her garments, has been showcased at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, and been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Noah Cyrus and Sfera & Basta.

"For this project, I experimented with something that I had never done before, taking inspiration from a smartphone’s AI as the starting point of my designs.” states Anna Yang, Creative Director of ANNAKIKI. “The powerful AI in the HUAWEI P30 Pro became an ever-present source of inspiration and has made it possible for me to design clothes in a different way. Co-creation with technology has been extremely stimulating and I am certain that, in the future, technology will play a distinctive role in the fashion world, opening up completely new scenarios that today we can only imagine".

The final outfits in the ANNAKIKI for Huawei collection are the expression of a strong personality, characterised by energetic vitality, femininity, self-confidence and determination.

“Fashion Flair” is an experimental project that demonstrates how technology can influence the creative process. The project represents a new chapter of Huawei’s “Humanly Possible”, a thrilling narration in which the desires, dreams and needs of human beings are the focal point, and technology acts as an enabling element.

The online partner for this project is LuisaViaRoma, one of the leading luxury fashion destinations. The entire collection can be bought exclusively online at from Thursday, May 9th.

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