Digital Transformation

The requirement for remote learning and remote teaching in the BFSI industry

By : CIOL Bureau

Around the world, educational institutions are one of the first establishments, which shut their doors on the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in each country/region. Authorities see this as a major step to contain the spread of the pandemic since social

Coronavirus Lockdown and Digital Homeschooling: How to keep your kids busy the old-school way?

By : Laxitha Mundhra

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Government has asked the country to observe a complete lock-down for 21 days. Schools and colleges are closed, children upto class 8th have been promoted and new sessions have been stopped as of now.

Giving law a Digital Edge: How Legal Research Tools Are Reducing Lawyer Workload & Helping Streamline Legal Processes

By : CIOL Bureau

When a layperson thinks about lawyers, the image that comes to their mind is of a black coat arguing his case vociferously in a court of law. However, an argument or making a case in front of a judge is

Quantum Computing – A possibility for infinite possibilities

By : CIOL Bureau

A few months ago, at the turn of the decade, various journals identified the predictions for 2020 that we got “horribly wrong”. The notable among them were extended life spans, robot revolution, colonization of Mars, pills replacing food and embedded

Achieve Business Speed and Customer Delight with Low Code Digital Automation Platform

By : CIOL Bureau

What matters the most to every modern enterprise is customer. Today, digital customers demand a great experience at every step of their journey with an organization. And, delivering a superior customer experience requires enterprises, like yours, to be agile and

Logistics: The Role of Technology & AI in This 21st-century

By : CIOL Bureau

We are living in a transformational era of human history where Artificial Intelligence (AI) forms a central part of this transformation. The digital revolution has redefined many aspects of human life and this trend is not settling anytime soon, in

How AI-powered tools and applications are revolutionizing research for travel and hospitality businesses during the year-end holiday season?

By : CIOL Bureau

It’s the time of the year again when everyone wants to get out and visit a new destination or go back to the familiar feeling of home. The holiday season brings about an enormous surge in consumer traffic and, therefore,

IoT and 5G – A much needed convergence

By : CIOL Bureau 2

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the four technology superpowers (the other three being mobile, AI and Cloud) that is redefining the way the world operates—both, how people live their daily lives, and how businesses are getting transformed.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in making lending easier and profitable

By : CIOL Bureau

Over the year, evolution in global technologies has made people move forward from fixed phones to mobile phones. Today, every sector is readily and rapidly adapting the Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the fast-paced modern industries, AI is becoming an integral

Shift left and accelerate Projects delivery through automation

By : Ashok Pandey

If your development projects are lagging or not completing their cycle, it’s time to address and automate some of your development processes. So where should you start? What drives the current DevSecOps market? Gitlab’s 2019 Global Developer Report cites the

How Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics tools are propelling growth in the CPG sector

By : CIOL Bureau

As with most businesses today, those in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry have, and continue to undergo a rapid transformation in the age of new and emerging technologies. In this typically resource-intensive space, enterprises are increasingly looking to harness

Internet Leased Lines Take An Edge Over Broadband Services. Here’s How?

By : CIOL Bureau

With the emergence of new and efficient technologies, the overheads of data plans are at a substantial decline. Due to this, businesses today have numerous internet connectivity options for their offices in the market. Unlike the standard broadband connectivity options,

How companies can prepare for the tech-led disruption – Automation

By : CIOL Bureau

Businesses in the digital era are increasingly morphing into ‘experience businesses. They are doubling down on creating a positive and consistent customer experience at every digital touchpoint. As more businesses become aware of what it means to prioritize user experience

5 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost employee productivity

By : CIOL Bureau

An alliance with AI to reach the sky- AI is not artificial intelligence but augmented intelligence. It helps in employee productivity by dramatically reducing the transaction load. The Artificial Intelligence market, a multibillion-dollar industry is expected to leave a heavier

The Modern Network: Evolution from Hardware to SD-WAN

By : CIOL Bureau

Indian enterprises are in the middle of an evolutionary leap. Though cloud computing created a foundation in the Indian market a long time ago, its impact is only being realized today, especially for the Indian SMEs and enterprises, who are

Why HCI is growing fast both in India and abroad

By : Sunil Rajguru

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a key component of Digital Transformation. Amit Mehta, Director of Modern Data Center Business at Dell Technologies, says that HCI is best suited for both hybrid and multi-cloud architecture. It also has many other advantages, which

Making Industry 4.0 work: 8 vital elements for right framework

By : CIOL Bureau

Industry 4.0 relies on a large volume of devices and masses of data to be successful. Businesses must process data into timely and valuable information if they are to integrate it into production processes. For example, there is little use

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Transforming medicine and saving lives

By : CIOL Bureau

The world has witnessed rapid development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a great wave of technological advancements in all aspects of human life. Right from basic needs such as food processing to the complex process involving robotics,

The goal to make travel frictionless through AI

By : CIOL Bureau

India is becoming more and more popular for R&D with IT companies like VMWare and banking related companies like Mashreq Global Services making the most of Indian talent. With Uber also going strong with its make in India mission, another

Why do we need AI in Healthcare?

By : Ashok Pandey

Globally the healthcare industry is at an inflection point. While the industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, there are related aspects to be taken care so as to ensure adequate consideration to the overall administration of accessible healthcare.