Digital Transformation

Connectivity and Smart Highways

By : CIOL Bureau

India’s legacy in contributing to the development of the human race has been widely known. One such domain where India literally ‘paved’ the way for the world to observe was during the Indus Valley civilization when the advent of roads

Enhancing the employee experience with IT

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Technology is the fundamental driver of modern employee experience. According to The Experience of Work: The Role of Technology in Productivity and Engagement, new research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, organisations across the globe that use IT to provide

Decoding Customer-Centricity to Drive Digital Transformation

By : CIOL Bureau

Does the term ‘Customer-Centricity’ sound Greek and Latin to you? Let’s catch you up to speed! We live in a world today where we must adapt to the rapid advancements in technology in order to ensure relevance and longevity. Digital

Digital Workplaces: An Essential for SMBs Seeking a Level Playing Field

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As India gears towards becoming a $5 trillion economy, the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) sector—currently contributing to 6.11% of the manufacturing GDP and 24.63% of the service activities GDP—will play a vital role in achieving this goal. SMBs, however,

How is technology modernizing the healthcare sector?

By : CIOL Bureau

“Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to get left behind.” “Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to get left behind.” – Sir Philip Green

Future of banking: Streamlining end to end processes

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CIOL met Mashreq Global Services Managing Director Santosh Mahalingam in a free-wheeling interview and discussed the future of banking. Mashreq Bank was the first bank in the UAE to issue ATM, debit and credit cards. Mashreq Global Services is developing

How to Design your Data Lake for Maximum Business Impact?

By : CIOL Bureau

In today’s world, Data has intrinsic value and it has become a key asset for every organization to revolutionize its business operations. Every organization is overwhelmed with the volume and variety of data which includes customers profile, sales information, product

How has technology transformed HR functions?

By : Ashok Pandey

Digital transformation is becoming more projecting in the workplace yet human resource professionals are resistant to embracing new technology and future-proofing the way they lead change to carry out their responsibilities. Recent advances in technology have transformed nearly every aspect

Digital Transformation (DX) as a strategy to retain topnotch talents

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From the invention of telegraph in 19th century to the widespread use of emails and social media platforms in 21st century, the world has come a long way to become a global village finally. Nearly half of the world’s population

Why drone solutions can help investors understand risk better and make decisions faster

By : CIOL Bureau

The risks of investing in India’s foundations for the future Investing in the pillars that contribute to the growth of the fastest developing large economy in the world is an enticing prospect for any investor, however, it is also a

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

By : Ashok Pandey 1

Artificial Intelligence is benefiting to various industries including healthcare, education and manufacturing. But what is Artificial intelligence (AI)? In Layman language, a simulator of human intelligence, which makes the decision after analyzing various data utilizing a collection of different intelligent

5G: What does it mean for Indian businesses

By : CIOL Bureau

Technology has fuelled the growth of mobile data consumption and has enabled endorsing the reach of services. The eventual entry of 5G will go a long way to allowing India to make good on its ‘Digital India’ vision and accelerate

Future of Textile Technology and Apparels Trend in 2050

By : CIOL Bureau

What is the Future of Textile Technology? It is a human tendency to get attracted to what other person is wearing and wishing you had the same outfit. When we fantasize about the future, we are rigid when it is

How to Integrate Essential Cloud Visibility into Your Security Strategy

By : CIOL Bureau

Cloud adoption has skyrocketed as organizations have prioritized cloud strategies and moved key applications to shared resources. The 2019 RightScale State of the Cloud survey found that 94 per cent of IT professionals surveyed use clouds to run their business.

How Brands Across the World are Juicing-up Their Communication Channels Through Live Streaming Apps

By : CIOL Bureau

Adopting the appropriate communication channels is the most decisive part for any brand which wants to establish itself in the eyes of its target audience. Integration of live streaming features in traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,

Avoiding Implementation Hassles Starts With A Sound ERP Selection

By : CIOL Bureau

By Jonathan Wood, General Manager, India, Middle East, and Africa (IMEA), Infor With every project, there comes a time when conversations surrounding a new decision end and implementing the changes needs to begin. The ERP selection and implementation process can

Data Protection: Current Challenges and Developments

By : Ashok Pandey

How you are protecting your business data? It must be an essential part of your IT infra strategy. As there are internal and external threats arising, businesses need to understand the risk as well as the importance of collaboration, as

Innovating Against the Technology Disruptions Tsunami

By : CIOL Bureau

By Ravindra Kelkar, Area Vice President, Sales & Services, India Sub-continent, Citrix Technology Disruptions are changing the way organisations use technology. Instead of being just an operational enabler, IT has become a key component driving business strategy. Apart from their

How Artificial Intelligence can transform Education?

By : Ashok Pandey

Artificial Intelligence: intelligence but artificial. So what! It’s helping us in numerous ways. And sometimes provides better analytics to make wise decisions. It’s no more fictional, we now living in a world where machines are intelligent and are easing our

The Future of Hyperconvergence

By : CMR Analyst

To unify the core, edge, cloud and IoT, future hyper-converged infrastructure must be built on collective intelligence. I&O leaders looking to optimize data center functions must architect and implement more autonomous systems that communicate together to achieve defined, goal-based outcomes.