Compartment exams 2020: CBSE states that it will take decision for overall interest of all Stakeholders

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CBSE finally breaks its silence on the matter of compartment exams. For the past two weeks, compartment exams students are grilling the Central Board of Secondary Education, Education Ministry and Education Minister over the matter. Then, a student filed a PIL in the Supreme Court. Post the hearing on Friday, SC directed it to hear all representations by the end of the week. It was not responding to any amount of tweets. Until Today.


Here's the first reply that, the education pioneer has said on the Compartment Exam's matter.


Who are the Stakeholders of CBSE?

It majorly has 4 stakeholders- Students, Schools, Colleges and the Education Ministry. The former two have been incessantly asking CBSE to cancel the exams and pass the students. They are the ones running hashtags, pleas and PILs to get an answer. Then, colleges are the ones going to take in students who pass from CBSE 12th boards. Further, the Education Ministry is as silent as CBSE on the matter.

After the students filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the compartment examination, the Central Board of Secondary Education will read all the representations filed by the students. These can be in favour of or against conducting the compartment examination. For this, SC has given students 1 week to present their case. After knowing the students' side, the board will decide on compartment examinations.


The biggest stakeholders, the students who filed the petition say that a year of students with a compartment in 10th and 12th will be wasted. If compartment examination is held in October also, students of class X will not be able to enrol in 11th. At the same time, it will not be possible for students of class XII to get admission in colleges.

Now it will take a week's time to see what they decide.

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