Glimpse of C-Change and Best IT Implementation Awards – SlideShow

KOCHI, INDIA: Here we bring you the best captured moments of the prestigious and most-awaited IT Awards of the IT industry – CIOL C–Change and  PCQuest Best IT Implementation Awards. The awards ceremony took place in Le Meridien, Kochi last

C-Change Awards- Recognition, a pat on the back and much more..

KOCHI, INDIA: C-Change awards recognizes technology initiatives from the industry and honours them for excellence and achievements in pioneering technology implementation and leading business innovations and from various other aspects. This year CIOL C-Change received 65 nominations, the nominations were restricted

The view from the other side

KOCHI, INDIA:  It’s not about bank accounts but what you do with them. Can you enable rural women to have an easier life? Can you cut years’ old handcuffs of moneylenders that affect many Indians even now? Can you be

Chitrahaar-Ah! Those days when life was simpler!

KOCHI, INDIA: This was in many ways, a commercial break of sorts for a conference full

Mantras of success for new CIOs

KOCHI, INDIA: In an interactive workshop, Dr Kapil Dev Singh,founder, Coeus Age, demonstrated the mantra of

CIOs are accountable, not responsible for business success

KOCHI, INDIA: The wave of digital disruption rides on the shoulders of the CIO. However, the

Change your DNA according to the evolving needs

KOCHI, INDIA: This bold statement was made by Praveen Sengar, director, Digital Practice, Dimension Data in

How are industry verticals leveraging digital strategies?

KOCHI, INDIA: CIOs and IT Heads presented case studies on how digital transformation is enhancing the brand

Government is not averse to outsourcing

The popular belief that the government, especially the Government of India is averse to outsourcing, no

CXOs and CIOs: The twain shall never meet?

KOCHI, INDIA: How does it sound when someone tells you that even if most CIOs feel

Who says Digital is just for Retail?

KOCHI, INDIA:  The first day of India’s leading Business-Technology conference, C-Change saw digital luminaries sharing their

India loves Long Queues, DDLJ and Ambassadors (cars). But why?

KOCHI, INDIA: India is and has always been beautifully ambivalent. That’s one quintessential thread in its

Can Printing be Fun?

KOCHI, INDIA: Familiar characters, everyday gossip, usual quibbles of a typical day at office. A colorful,

Digital Era is not a wave, but a Tsunami: Cybermedia CMD

KOCHI, INDIA: What is driving digital transformation (DT)? As per a survey conducted with CChange delegates,

Can we end crony capitalism in the world’s largest democracy?

BANGALORE, INDIA: The question was asked by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, senior journalist,author,economist and academician, in his

C-Change: Countdown begins..

BANGALORE, INDIA: All the leading CIOs from different corners of the country along with technology and

IT and Strategy, not oil and water any more

By : Abhigna

Every trend has a pragmatic reality-check terrain and every industry has its own soil to consider when it comes to planting IT, as we find out in this chat

Money rolls with IT rhythm while the world sleeps

By : Abhigna

It may come as a tad surprise to discover how the financial nervous system of our government works behind a stage, but then IT is never for the incredulous

Directions for better business – Use IT Landmark

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A view into e-commerce, CRM and other trends as a CIO sees it

Vitamin I for Healthcare

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A look into what’s happening and what’s waiting around the corner in the suddenly throbbing-with-action space called Healthcare