BCP PlayBook: Mindtree bet on co-innovation & reskilling to spring back to normalcy

Mindtree was able to instill confidence and ensure client satisfaction with forward planning and seamless execution of BCP

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Dayapatra Nevatia

The COVID-19 crisis has hit businesses harder than ever before. Although many large companies had a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place that they can fall back on in case of emergencies, but they fell short of expectations during this unprecedented crisis. In fact, sustaining the Business Continuity amidst the lockdown, social distancing, adapting to the 'New Normal' of remote work didn't quite go without hiccups for organizations across India.


Through the CIOL 'BCP PlayBook' series, we will try to give you a glimpse into the strategic Business Continuity Plans of various organizations across industries including the plan, the execution, the benefits they got from their updated BCP initiatives.

Today, we will take you through Mindtree's BCP initiatives.

In the video below, Dayapatra Nevatia, COO, Mindtree tells how the company prepared, took control of the situation, by setting up a cross functional crisis management team (CFCMT) operating in Hub-and-Spoke model, along with a robust infrastructure and BCP strategy and processes in place:


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The current crisis provided an opportunity to businesses to transform their operating process, redesign value propositions and accelerate business transformation by increasing adoption of digital technologies, ensuring deep focus in reskilling and having future-ready talent, said Nevatia.


Even before the pandemic began impacting the public and enterprises at large, Mindtree was ready with a plan to mitigate the crisis and swiftly move into a remote working environment.

Mindtree's approach to WFH considered five elements - people, process, technology, communication and governance and putting together a plan to address each one of these has ensured both employee wellbeing and seamless delivery for its clients. The company has been using its digital learning platform, Yorbit to run reskilling programs, so that employees can utilize the time available to enhance their skills.

Mindtree was able to instill confidence and ensure client satisfaction with forward planning and seamless execution of BCP. Another key area of focus for Mindtree was deepening relationships with existing clients and building customer confidence to ensure stability during this period of crisis.


During this period, the company has launched several co-innovation initiatives with its customers. For example, by leveraging machine learning it enabled smart recommendations to retailers, so that the sales workforce of CPG companies do not need to visit the retailers to create order. It has also leveraged the AI and cloud capabilities to enable its customers with auto-order-creation capabilities and avoid manual intervention as much as possible.

Key Benefits:

Employee wellbeing


Creating future-ready talent through reskilling drive

Client accolades for smooth BCP execution

Achieved higher score in Q4, FY 20 project feedback survey


Engaged customers in co-innovation initiatives

"Covid, or no Covid, BCP is important to build resilience"  

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