BCP PlayBook: CSS Corp's resilience frameworks drew 'CHEER's from employees, customers

CSS Corp stepped up its preparedness to handle the crisis by using two resilience frameworks

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Vivian Gomes

The COVID-19 crisis has hit businesses harder than ever before. Although many large companies had a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place that they can fall back on in case of emergencies, but they fell short of expectations during this unprecedented crisis. In fact, sustaining the Business Continuity amidst the lockdown, social distancing, adapting to the 'New Normal' of remote work didn't quite go without hiccups for organizations across India.


Through the CIOL 'BCP PlayBook' series, we will try to give you a glimpse into the strategic Business Continuity Plans of various organizations across industries including the plan, the execution, the benefits they got from their updated BCP initiatives.

Today, we will take you through CSS Corp's BCP initiatives.

In the video below, Vivian Gomes, SVP & Head - Marketing & Inside Sales, CSS Corp tells how the company prepared, took control of the situation, stabilized operations, and embraced the New Normal with a carefully realigned BCP strategy:


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CSS Corp stepped up its preparedness to handle the crisis by using a proprietary resilience framework, which helped it to implement work from home for its 7,000-odd employees across 18 Global locations by March 23.


In order to stabilize operations, it constituted a virtual command centre to monitor all global client projects and programs, and update daily status reports.

The company digitalized all the HR functions and implemented virtual hiring, onboarding, and training of the employees. It also created a 'CHEER' framework for employee wellbeing and boosting team engagements. Communicating with teams, highlighting teams’ accomplishments, energizing the staff, engaging employees, and recognizing the workforce are the key parts of the framework.

CSS  Corp also re-looked at its GTM model to be in sync with the current industry environment. It also provided work from home and work from anywhere solutions to its new clients and prospects.


Key Benefits:

Employee wellbeing and team engagement

Achieved 100% adherence to the client SLAs


100% Digital HR with virtual hiring, training, and onboarding

"Covid, or no Covid, BCP is important to build resilience"  

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