How Artificial Intelligence can transform Education?

Artificial Intelligence has various benefits and roles. AI is being implemented in manufacturing, healthcare and education.

Ashok Pandey
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Artificial Intelligence: intelligence but artificial. So what! It’s helping us in numerous ways. And sometimes provides better analytics to make wise decisions. It’s no more fictional, we now living in a world where machines are intelligent and are easing our lives.


How AI works? Actually, it works with a large amount of data. It processes the data with the help of intelligent algorithms and software to learn automatically from patterns or feature. As much data it will have, that much better insights or decisions it can make. In other words, it learns from us and also can help us to learn better.

Education industry is adopting AI to transform education. CiOL spoke to Diwakar Chittora, CEO & Founder, Intellipat, to know how AI adoption can transform education?

How AI adoption can change online education?


AI has automated the industry to a great extent, helping both students and teachers in gaining the most out the immense opportunity, all while democratizing education amongst all. While they focus the learning outcome of the student, helping students gain the most knowledge possible, for teachers, they provide an in-depth analysis on how to improve their learning delivery and ways, thereby empowering educators to maximize their skill set.

The role of AI to offer efficient and personalized learning

Intellipaat is constantly honing their courses/ curriculum, which will identify the learning outcome, thereby helping the learner to focus upon the deficiencies and strengthen weak points. Our Ai-enmeshed courses wean out the road blocks to learning, while provide quality education that is relevant to the respective field.


What are the key security hurdles for online education Industry?

Online education was initially, in dire needs of security awareness because of the very nature of its structure. Being entirely online encompasses the administration process, making it liable to sensitive information. Now, with the addition of Artificial Intelligence into the system, the security gaps are being bridged and the framework is being bolstered with quality protection.

What are the current job scenarios?


In the current job scenario where the value of a candidate depends upon an impactful CV, a relevant certification can add the much required USP into a lifeless resume. In our endless interaction with students, we have seen the trio of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent being the high points of interest. Also cloud certifications such as AWS, DevOps, Azure and for programming languages, Python are high in demand by both learners and recruiting organization. This interest is not unfounded- Data Science, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, has become crucial, owing to its role in improving business and decision makings, while providing the biggest edge over the competitors.

The future of online education industry

The whole market is improving year by year, with a CAGR increase of approximately 10-15 % boost and an upcoming boost 15-20% to b seen. Now, the present year will see a further rise in the demand of Data scientists, in integral positions of the business framework. Apart from being the leading software producer of the world, India has risen to become the leading generator and provider of IT- empowered engineers, who creating an impact on how the world conducts business. All this, coming together will empower the system creating ripples in the framework of education.

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