Apple Pay is coming to Safari browser this fall

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CIOL Apple Pay is coming to Safari browser this fall

Apple rolled out Safari Technology Preview 8 for developers on Wednesday, to bring its new payment platform—Apple Pay—on it, which will make online shopping even easier this fall.


Safari Technology Preview is different from the Safari browser you find on your Mac, or on the iPhone and iPad. It is actually a platform for web developers, where incoming technologies are showcased.

CIOL Apple Pay is coming to Safari browser this fall

Apple Pay was expected to be on Safari in macOS, but with Safari Technology Review developers can now start tweaking it to use within their own pages. The tech giant put out its Apple Pay even before it released the macOS Sierra, which is still in developer preview.

It’s not clear when Apple may open up the public beta for Sierra. However for consumers, Apple Pay will likely be kept under wraps for public consumption until Sierra gets its proper, stable release later this year.

Apple Pay in Safari will work in exactly the same way as it does on your iPhone when you buy goods inside iOS apps. At checkout, you will simply use your Apple Pay account and the credit cards you have registered with it, rather than entering your payment information every time. Although users will not be able to use it online with all retailers right away, once Apple Pay is available inside Safari. Retailers will first need to add Apple Pay support to their sites.

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