Airbnb and WeWork team up to lure business travelers

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Airbnb has partnered with WeWork to lure business travelers by offering them a desk in their nearest office. According to a Bloomberg report, customers who book a room on Airbnb will also be able to reserve a desk at the nearest WeWork co-working space under a pilot program in six cities.


"We all know part of living includes working, so if an Airbnb guest is looking for a collaborative environment or space to host meetings while traveling for work, we want to provide them with options," David Holyoke, global head of Airbnb for Work, told The Telegraph. He further added, "Right now, we're piloting a program with WeWork to connect Airbnb travelers with WeWork spaces and amenities."

When renting a room on Airbnb’s site, corporate customers will be able to save a spot at a WeWork office nearest to where they’re staying. Both the companies confirmed the partnership but did not disclose any details on the deal.

The service will be trialed in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., London, and Sydney. The new feature seems very helpful to those who want a desk with high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, printer and other common office facilities.