Advantage of AI in Efficient and Personalized Learning

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Maybe slowly, but surely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to make a huge impact on our educational system. The advantage of AI on education could be many that will help teachers and student both.

AI would help us to make an efficient plus personalized learning approach, optimized for the needs of each learner. We spoke to Rajshekhar Ratrey, VP and Educational Content at Toppr, to understand the deep impact of AI on education:

How AI would benefit the educational system?

Each invention in education was aimed to improve its quality and reach. Today, Artificial Intelligence will play that part. E-learning companies harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Natural Language Processing. Using this advanced technology, they are not only able to bring education to the fingertips of every child, but also personalise every child’s learning experience. The personalisation of education plays a key role in a diverse country like India because it solves a problem that cannot be solved by traditional means.

E-learning apps recognise and acknowledge the fact that every child has unique learning needs. In India, where classrooms are packed with a large number of students, teachers use a one-size-fits-all approach. They teach at a pace that the average student should understand. Due to this, slow learners lag behind and keep trying to catch up with the teacher’s pace. They either end up rote learning concepts that they have missed or lose the motivation to study. Fast learners, on the other hand, get bored with the slow pace of learning and lose interest.

AI can solve this problem by making learning personalised for every child. AI can ensure that each child has a unique learning experience based on his/her aptitude, grasping skills, and basic knowledge for each subject.

How AI adoption can change education?

Indian students face some of the most competitive scenarios in the world – especially when it comes to engineering and medical entrance exams. However, most schools don’t provide any additional support to students when it comes to cracking these exams. Moreover, many schools have a sub-par infrastructure and teachers.

These factors, have made students look beyond their school classrooms and towards expensive but unsatisfactory coaching classes. These classes talk about helping students learn better, but they come with the same problems of a traditional classroom set up – students cannot receive any individual attention. In spite of this, coaching classes have become popular because students did not have any other options, until the last couple of years.

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On the other hand, smartphones and tablets have been known as entertainment and connectivity devices in the Indian household. This will change when parents and students realise that eLearning apps provide a much more personalised learning experience that bolsters their strengths while constantly improving their weaknesses.

One of the major Advantage of AI is, AI-powered eLearning apps will not replace teachers in general, but they will definitely become the first choice of an after-school learning source for most students.

How AI offer efficient and personalized learning?

Using advanced technology, eLearning apps like Toppr can create adaptive learning paths. The apps study the behaviour of students and gauge their aptitude for each subject. Using this analysis, apps can ensure that each child learns at a pace that he/she is comfortable with. They first strengthen the basic concepts and then ease them into the complex ones.

Using AI, the education industry can ensure that every child learns in a way that’s best for them, creating a better learning experience for each of them.

How AI can be used to clear doubts?

A big problem that students face when they are a part of a classroom is that teachers do not have the time to solve every single doubt asked by every child. Students are often confused about basic concepts and this affects their understanding of complex topics.

Elearning apps like Toppr believe that student doubts should be solved instantly, round the clock. This is why, using an app, students can solve their doubts on chat. All they have to do is upload a picture of their doubt on the chat app.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing, a bot scans through the database and suggests a solution based on a similar doubt asked in the past. If the bot cannot find an answer, or if the student needs any further explanation, he/she can chat with an expert at the click of a button. Today, over 20% of all doubts are solved by the bot, and most doubts are solved within a minute.


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