4 AI Trends to watch out for in 2019

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We witnessed tremendous growth in various technologies including AI (Artificial Intelligence). And its just a beginning, in the year 2019, we will continue to see the advancement of AI-related technologies. Majorly, companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Apple are investing heavily in the R&D of AI.

The new research and development will benefit the AI ecosystem and will bring new revolution in the industry. We discussed with industry experts to understand the AI trends to watch out for in 2019, here are their opinions…

Beyond low code to AI-driven app development

Low code application development empowers anyone to easily create applications without IT involvement. Can’t get any easier than that, right? But, what about applications that create themselves with no human input whatsoever? In the next evolution, AI will go beyond low-code development and actually create software by self-identifying problems and automatically creating solutions. Suman Reddy Eadunuri, MD, Pegasystems India also mentioned – when deployed effectively, AI can detect patterns of inefficiency and write software that provides a solution to users—without interacting with users or IT departments. As a result, the digital transformation will become an easier task that will require far less oversight.

The customer value officer will emerge as a key player in connecting the AI means to the end value

Organizations strive to create mutual value through relationships with their customers. But whose responsibility is it to make sure it happens? Say “hello” to the customer value officer, whose responsibilities will only expand as AI proliferates. Customer value officers will emerge as a key link in balancing a customer’s needs and interests on the one hand, and the company’s business objectives on the other. It’s not the products that create the value; it’s the customers paying for them. Customer value officers will need AI for that balancing act, continuously optimizing for value during millions of interactions, across products, channels, and functions such as sales and service.

Structured and Unstructured Data

According to Animesh Samuel, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Light Information Systems – In 2019, we need to watch out for the convergence of various data sets onto single AI platforms. Up until 2018, corporations have been looking for AI solutions in silos – Chatbots, RPA tools, etc. But we missed out the real fodder for AI, DATA! The solutions for 2019 will unite structured and unstructured data to automate entire processes. With hiring, for instance, bots will read the JD/KRA and the resumes, rank them in order of relevance, reach out to candidates automatically, engage them with chatbots for a first-level screening along with addressing their queries. If the candidate and the corporate are interested, the interview will be scheduled. Following that, if the candidate gets selected the bots can further engage them as an assistant. If all this data is on the same platform the results would be phenomenal.

Shoppable videos

Talking about AI trends, Aravind Tambad, Head of Growth & BD, Charmboard said that shoppable videos are going to hit 2019 like a storm. With AI enabling product and content discovery, users would be able to shop for the celebrity look and other items from their favourite TV shows, movies, and other online videos. Top 3 out of the 4 OTT platforms in India are already working towards enabling this superior functionality and we foresee more OTT platforms integrating the solution, in order to provide enhanced value to their audience.


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