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An intuitive PC app to maintain work-life balance

BANGALORE, INDIA: Finally, working professionals have an answer to the question – “Where did my day go?” Sapience Analytics, the workforce analytics company has launched Sapience Buddy, a user-friendly and intuitive PC application for working professionals to help them to

A new app that plugs privacy gaps for Mac users

NEW DELHI, INDIA: A research survey conducted by F-Secure indicates that Mac users take more risks with their online privacy than their PC counterparts, and take fewer precautions. Approximately 36% of Mac users surveyed use public Wi-Fi hotspots more than

Qlik brings developer platform for data-driven apps

BANGALORE, INDIA: Qlik introduced an analytics platform to support the development and creation of custom and guided analytics applications, including web mash-ups. The Qlik Analytics Platform is designed specifically for developers to build data-driven apps. The Qlik Analytics Platform enables

Avaamo a secure biz messaging app for Apple Watch

BANGALORE, INDIA: Avaamo has announced that “Avaamo for Apple Watch”, secure business messaging app developed specifically from the ground up for the Apple Watch has been approved by Apple and will be available for download from the App Store in

GIEOM’s change management app being adopted by banks

BANGALORE, INDIA: GIEOM has announced that their change management app, built on Microsoft Azure, has been adopted by leading banks across 35 countries. It provides built-in intelligence that helps employees in staying updated with the regulatory changes while being adept

Now you can download Burgers or Spaghetti via Net and eat them too!

By : Pratima Harigunani

USA: The wait is over! There is finally a wave of relief for all of those

What if App-usage plateaued soon?

MUMBAI, INDIA: In order to quantify how users feel about their use of apps, Gartner conducted

FB now lets developers create apps and integrate with messenger

BANGALORE, INDIA: Facebook messenger has brought a new platform particularly for developers to easily create apps

Use KQingdom app and own upto 50pc stake in its biz

NEW DELHI, INDIA: A new trend just might be in with this. You own stakes and

Putting the silver lining back into the public cloud

Pratyush Khare Cloud computing has made some pretty big promises since it exploded onto the IT

What’s Ford doing at Mobile World Congress?

BARCELONA, SPAIN:  After launching an App that claims to enable drivers to charge electric vehicles from their

Vodafone announces appStar winners from India

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: Vodafone India announced the winners of second edition of the global ‘Vodafone appStar’ event

If you are App-y and you know it, tap-tap-tap

By : Pratima Harigunani

SINGAPORE: Nike has turned into an experience about wearables and a new tech-powered brand; Amazon has

Apps, Advertising and the Alternate screen

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Sea gulls were floating and so was the anticipation of seeing a shoreline soon. The

Get Android productivity apps worth over $80 for free on Amazon

BANGALORE, INDIA: Amazon.com is giving away 17 essential paid apps worth over $80 for free as

IBM Watson progresses on cognitive apps

NEW YORK, USA: Cognitive apps are in market today and continue to change the way professionals

Smart Remote app Peel-s off 1 mn users in India

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Peel’s smart universal remote app has reached 100 million total global users in

Android wearable worn by Flipkart

INDIA: Flipkart, an e-commerce marketplace, claims to have become the first in the industry to launch an