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If you are App-y and you know it, tap-tap-tap

By : Pratima Harigunani

SINGAPORE: Nike has turned into an experience about wearables and a new tech-powered brand; Amazon has

Apps, Advertising and the Alternate screen

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Sea gulls were floating and so was the anticipation of seeing a shoreline soon. The

Get Android productivity apps worth over $80 for free on Amazon

BANGALORE, INDIA: Amazon.com is giving away 17 essential paid apps worth over $80 for free as part of the Free App of the Day programme today. The Bundle features a great selection of free Android apps to help improve your

IBM Watson progresses on cognitive apps

NEW YORK, USA: Cognitive apps are in market today and continue to change the way professionals and consumers make decisions. To help accelerate this transformation, the IBM Watson Group has announced an investment in Pathway Genomics Corporation, a clinical laboratory

Smart Remote app Peel-s off 1 mn users in India

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Peel’s smart universal remote app has reached 100 million total global users in 30 months,¬†the company has shared in an announcement. In comparison, it adds, Facebook took more than four and half years to acquire its first

Android wearable worn by Flipkart

INDIA: Flipkart, an e-commerce marketplace, claims to have become the first in the industry to launch an app compatible with the Android wearable technology. The app will support viewing Flipkart wishlists on the wearable gear. Another significant feature with this update