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Flipkart beats Amazon & Google to be the most preferred co in India to work for

BANGALORE, INDIA: Do you know where India wants to work? The name might surprise you. It is not any MNC like Google, Facebook or Amazon. The LinkedIn data shows that Flipkart has topped the list top 25 companies in India

Private equity funding in Indian start-ups declines by 25 pc

By : CIOL Writers

According to Goldman Sachs, the private equity funding in Indian start-ups has declined witnessing a dip of 25 percent YoY (year-on-year), falling from $2.5 billion in 2015 to $1.9 billion in 2016. The report states that even though the total

Amazon and Flipkart join hands to fight against taxes

By : CIOL Writers

The e-commerce industry is coming together to fight against governments, that are imposing entry tax on goods purchased online. Flipkart has several cases filed against Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Gujarat state governments and now Amazon too has joined the fight.

10 books to know the secrets of tech giants like Google or Apple

I keep reading about Google’s work culture, their employee-friendly policies and often wonder is there a way to join the tech giant in my capacity? But on a serious note, it’s always enriching and worth learning about the internal workings

Amazon’s pledge to invest $3 bn more in India

By : CIOL Writers

The negative sentiment surrounding the Indian e-commerce sector because of fund crunch, sluggish discount season, employee layoffs, and the valuation downgrade of Flipkart, has received a shot in the arm with Amazon’s pledge to invest $3 billion in India. The

Banking services from Google or Amazon?

By : CIOL Writers

What if the giant tech companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon, who keep reinventing technologies to attract people, open a financial bank? Let’s imagine: Heavy competition, all these companies are making headlines daily with new updates or “schemes”. But were

Tech This Week: Why did the Apple Fall?

INDIA: It was once-in-13-years news but yes, iPhone sales showed a slump – something that was instrumental

Amazon brings Tatkal seller onboarding service to Mumbai

MUMBAI, INDIA: Amazon.in brings Amazon Tatkal in Mumbai to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) get online

Flipkart’s Loss is ClearTax Gain

By : CIOL Writers

For ClearTax they “will bring in critical domain-specific expertise to our team and help propel us

Security costs to protect Twitter’s CEO

By : CIOL Writers

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did not make a penny in salaries, bonuses, or stock awards from

Amazon takes over Flipkart?

By : CIOL Writers

In a mighty bid against the outreaching sovereignty for the Internet shopper’s paradise, an Arabic prince’s

No more Big Bang Sales from e-tailers

By : CIOL Writers

Traditional retailers had been clamoring for such a policy since long. The local shop owners in

Flipkart = Snapdeal + Amazon + Paytm

By : CIOL Writers 1

India’s top e-commerce firm, Flipkart has crossed 75 million registered customers in India, becoming the first

Apple is Google’s New Customer

By : CIOL Writers

Enterprise queen Diane Greene has set the ball rolling for Google straight away. Barely four months

Amazon kick starts its Air Delivery Network

By : CIOL Writers

With Drone delivery already under its testing stage, Amazon has come up with new plans to

Oracle wants to beat Salesforce, sees traditional rivals IBM and SAP nowhere in the cloud!

Soma Tah USA: In the new era of cloud computing, the concept of IT service delivery are

After Amazon, Wal-Mart wants drones to make home delivery, pickup

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a bid to meet the challenges for fastest delivery and pick-up—a key SLA

Decoding Amazon’s HR dilemma

By : Sonal Desai

Sonal Desai MUMBAI, INDIA: Could Amazon which is normally is in news for its business strategy

Former Amazon, Google, Microsoft executives on Flipkart payroll

BENGALURU, INDIA: In a trend highlighting the growing eagerness of senior executives from established corporates joining

AWS brings Device Farm and API Gateway for developers

SEATTLE, USA: Amazon Web Services, Inc., has announced AWS Device Farm, a new service that helps