ZyXEL announces wireless Gigabit Ethernet gateway EMG2306-R10A

New Update

NEW DELHI, INDIA: ZyXEL Communications has introduced the ZyXEL EMG2306-R10A wireless N300 four-ports Gigabit Ethernet gateway, and it is ideal for service providers, telcos, and cable operators to provide triple-play services to residential applications.


When offering triple-play to residential users to use IP-phone, smart phones to surf internet and watching TV programs at residential environments, the WiFi coverage, speed and easy managed internet content transmission are crucial. The EMG2306-R10A offers the coverage of up to 1,000 square feet, a mid-sized home environment. Residential users could receive signals everywhere in the house without boundaries.

When delivering contents to different multi-media devices, it is essential to make sure contents are distributed to the specific device properly. The EMG2306-R10A applies 802.1q, VLAN and DHCP features, and it effectively distributes different packets to every individual specific port. It reduces the traffic flow caused by the excessive unnecessary packet numbers when a large amount of information is exchanging in the networking.

The EMG2306-R10A is available now.