Zia Consulting and Alfresco to host ECM Renovation Roadshow

Soma Tah
New Update

BOULDER, USA: Zia Consulting, Inc., the business solutions provider for the Content Connected Enterprise, announced today their plans to set out on an "ECM Renovation Roadshow" in partnership with Alfresco. These events taking place in major cities across the country will include case study-based presentations on Zia's newly packaged Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Renovation Solutions, developed across their dozens of successful deployments.


Zia believes organizations across virtually every industry and level of government have costly and complex legacy ECM technologies that simply aren't being used. The goal of their ECM Renovation Solutions is to provide organizations with the unique ability to match the wants of users- such as easy to use, collaborative, and mobile--with the needs of the enterprise--such as affordable, secure, and compliant. The concept focuses on three components of modernizing an ECM system: migration, automation, and integration.

Zia and Alfresco are teaming up to present the ECM Renovation Roadshow where they will travel to numerous cities to introduce their ECM Renovation Solutions and present case studies about existing customers who are taking advantage of these solutions. During these lunchtime presentations, Zia will expand on the benefits of these modernization solutions, focusing specifically on the business value provided--from costs savings for a rapid ROI, to improving time to revenue through automation, to enhanced visibility into business critical analytics with reporting and BI capabilities.

"We believe now is the right time for organizations to recognize the benefits that are possible through ECM modernization," said Phil Robinson, SVP of Business Development at Zia Consulting. "For far too long, companies have been living with legacy ECM systems and outdated workflows that simply cost too much and aren't used by employees. We see the future of ECM is with Alfresco and look forward to sharing that vision around the country."

Events are currently scheduled in Atlanta on January 30, New York on February 12, and the San Francisco Bay Area on March 4. They are free to attend and anyone with an interest in enterprise content management is welcome.