“You happily pay a toll tax. Why not AMC?”

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MUMBAI, INDIA: Pradeep Sharma, Senior Manager IT and Finance at Global Wind Power Ltd, takes some time out at the recent SAP Forum and helps us navigate some hot and warm currents of change in this side of the world. He also talks of BOT, and before you think it is a construction-industry hangover, read more.

Tell us something about your recent SAP product experience?

We have plugged in BusinessOne recently. Actually we were looking for a software that can bring in control aspects to finance with a business experience feel and not something with huge investments. We evaluated some options and found this one to be scalable. The integration has been comfortable.

Any comments on the high-key ECC 6.0 stage happening at SAP? There were upgrade-related concerns with some customers. How do you see this affecting next-level decisions?

If you are putting in a critical customized part that caters specially to your line of business that you can of course not expect for such upgrades to go smooth. One should also consider concurrence of certification from vendors here.

So does customization make upgrades difficult?

There is different between enhancements and customization, and it is vital for customers to grasp that difference. Tailor-made custom work scenarios are different from enhancement set-ups. It would be like comparing orange to apples here. Even industry-based solutions are not always standardized.

Do you chime in with surprise at the recent support fee hikes by SAP? Are you also one of those looking for rationale or is it about a more expensive vehicle in one’s porch?

I guess support is logical as no one has full-fledged knowledge of schema, database matters etc in a solution, like that of SAP. That’s why there is something called ‘support’. I wonder why no one minds paying a toll tax but the industry looks at support so differently when it comes to enterprise software.

What is your approach to IT choices specially with so much new-fangled buzz around?

I think IT is like looking at a string of pearls. You have to choose what fits you best and works best. We have the same outlook as we are a company in a growth mode and ROI matters. When it comes to new advancements I would wait and see what others feel as they try it. Like Cloud or HANA.

What has been your ‘one word experience’ or ‘verdict’ with SAP so far?

I feel that everything I need is available here. SAP has a good and big bouquet. As of date, everything has been profitable and satisfactory. No headache areas though, and if only they can sort out implementation cycles and user requirement parts, that can help in final experience. The space we operate in works on ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’ as we all know.

Any blank areas SAP can fill ahead?

I can only suggest one thing- since many investments are expensive, may be they can look at applying a BOT (Built Operate Transfer) style of model for this industry. It will also make it easier for managements to take a call on enterprise solutions. 

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