“You can’t have competitiveness without competition”

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This is an excerpt from the speech that AMD
CEO Hector Ruiz delivered while delivering his speech at the Congresional
Internet Caucus Speaker series at Captiol Hill.

The Congressional Internet
Caucus is a bi-partisan group composed of more than 170 House and Senate members
who are committed to educating their colleagues in federal government regarding
the many ways that the Internet can be leveraged.

 “You can’t have
competitiveness without competition. All the legislative efforts moving through
Congress that focus on innovation and technology a “a much-needed wake-up call.
The bottom line is that all the investment, research and specialized education
in the world won’t amount to a growing, dynamic economy without

As technology leaders and policy-makers, we have the power to effect change both
around the world and here at home.  We have the ability to empower — to
turn dreams into reality — and we cannot let this opportunity pass us by.”

Infact our groundbreaking “50×15 Initiative,” is a bold commitment to
empower 50 percent of the world’s population with affordable Internet access
and computing capability by the year 2015. Innovation should be focused on
solving real-world problems. Opportunity does not come from charity; it comes
from empowerment.”

The future of what qualifies as
technology, or to be more specific,
innovation itself. You see, we in the technology
have done a lot of impressive things in the past few decades. Some of
have been very good; some of them not so good. There are times, especially

when the economy gets tight, that our
industry has introduced, for the lack of a
phrase, technology for technology’s sake. Technology is bigger and faster,

but something is missing. What is missing
is the customer. It is time for all of us
the technology industry to change our ways, to adopt a policy that no new

technology without real customer input or
real customer benefits should be tackled.

is 64-bit computing so important? Because it is inevitable. The volume of

data created in the world today doubles
every year; and the ability to exploit it
more difficult every day that goes by. Whether with CRM solutions or realtime

online gaming, customers need access to
64-bit computing power. The
to pervasive 64-bit computing is really not a question of if, but when.
all over the enterprise as the first point of adoption. They have used 64-bit

technology for a very long time, yet the
need for more pervasive 64-bit computing
the enterprise remains unsolved.

shrinking budgets, IT decision makers need to be more careful about what
change. Change must be anticipated, expected, and embraced. But the cost
change should be minimized. New technology must not introduce new barriers-

it should knock them down. Remove the
barriers between 32-bit and 64-bit
and you are opening the doors to a totally new wave of computing. You
out the wrinkles in your IT investment strategy, you simplify business

is our mantra at AMD. We call it customer centric innovation, and it drives

everything we do. You
see, we believe that our customers are smart. They know what they need to

be more productive. They know what they
need to be more competitive, to be
successful; and all we have to do is listen. As you saw in the opening video,

the simple act of listening is at the
center of AMD’s customer centric approach. All
listening is what brings us here this morning to introduce you to a new class of

computing that leaves no one behind.
Starting today, business customers can
to leverage their 32-bit installed base and they migrate seamlessly to the

power and security of 64-bit computing.

Source: AMD press release

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