Yongsung Kim to lead Global Sales and Distribution at Ola Electric

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Yongsung Kim to lead Global Sales and Distribution at Ola Electric

Ola Electric today has announced the appointment of Yongsung Kim as Head of Global Sales and Distribution. He will oversee the Indian and international markets for the brand's electric arm. He will also lead strategy for sales and go-to-market as it gears up to launch its first electric scooter. The company looks forward to launching its products across India and multiple international markets. These include Europe and the UK, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.


Welcoming YS Kim, Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO, Ola, said that he looks forward to collaborating with him “as we launch our range of electric products around the world.” “His expertise in sales, distribution and service will help our global expansion and bring our advanced, innovative electric products to our customers,” he added.

About Yongsung Kim

A 35-year veteran with Hyundai Motor and Kia, Yongsung brings global automotive sales experience from around the world. He has worked in North America, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, ASEAN, Asia Pacific and of course India. In India, he has spent several years, first with Hyundai Motor and then with Kia; to build their market-leading presence in India.


“I am very excited to join Ola Electric and its team to develop a winning strategy for India and global sales for its range of EV products, beginning with the Ola Scooter. With this new assignment, I also returned to India. I had spent several years in the sales teams of Hyundai Motors and Kia in India, so it is doubly satisfying for me and a great opportunity to work together towards putting India on the world EV map”, said YS Kim.

Ola Electric Two-Wheeler or Ola Scooter

Ola’s upcoming electric two-wheeler is a leapfrog product. It has several in-house innovations including the motor, the battery as well as the vehicle computer - all under the Ola banner and design. The company’s first electric scooter has the best-in-class range and performance. The company has followed aggressive pricing to make it accessible to all. It further aims to help accelerate India’s transition to sustainable mobility.

To manufacture the scooter, Ola is building the Ola Futurefactory at record speed, with its first phase expected to be operational this summer and the full factory ready by next year. Built over 500 acres, the 10-million annual capacity Ola Futurefactory will be the world's largest two-wheeler factory; producing a vehicle every 2 seconds at full capacity. The world’s most advanced factory, it will have over 3000 robots powered by Ola’s proprietary AI. It will also be the greenest with 100 acres of forest on-site and fully carbon-negative operations.

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