Yahoo! ties-up with Idea Cellular

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE: Internet service provider Yahoo! today announced two strategic mobile advertising partnerships with Maxis Communications Berhad in Malaysia and Idea Cellular Limited in India.


The two mobile operators plan to carry a variety of graphical advertisements, sold and served by Yahoo!.

Yahoo! said in a statement here that today's announcement builds on Yahoo!'s display and advertising partnerships, which already include AT&T, T-Mobile International and Vodafone UK.

The new partnerships announced today with Maxis and Idea are the result of continued collaborations to develop and enhance the mobile Internet experience for consumers.


In the last eight months, these partners have announced and launched Yahoo! oneSearch on their portals, providing a mobile search experience that delivers better answers and relevant information to consumers without having to scroll through lists of Web links.

"Yahoo! is a leading monetization engine for the mobile Internet, enabling advertisers to reach targeted audiences at large scale and with impact, providing consumers with enhanced mobile experiences, and allowing publishers to monetize their services.

Across all categories, we are creating superior experiences that deliver great value to advertisers and mobile consumers," said David Ko, managing director and vice-president, Yahoo! Connected Life, Asia Pacific.


"The partnerships with Maxis and Idea, respectively, demonstrate Yahoo!'s continued focus on becoming the must-buy opportunity for advertisers and further extend our leadership in graphical advertising across mobile devices."

Mobile advertising is revolutionizing the industry by allowing advertisers to deliver highly targeted messaging to consumers on mobile devices, and providing the opportunity to adopt unique and innovative marketing campaigns through mobile graphical advertising.

Yahoo! enables advertisers to engage a highly targeted demographic regardless of whether the consumer is in the home, office, or on the go.

"Advertisers and our mobile operator partners recognize the value and unique abilities of mobile advertising and are positioning it as a core part of their digital campaigns," said Steve Boom, senior vice president, Yahoo! Connected Life.

"The world's leading brands are turning to Yahoo! to mobilize their advertising as we are able to create targeted campaigns that not only harness the unique abilities of mobile, but also enhance the consumer's mobile experience by delivering highly relevant and engaging experiences."