Wording a new game for Android users

Sanghamitra Kar
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: Wah Wah Games, has released a new word game ‘Wording' for Android users. The app is available on Google Play store and can be downloaded on Android phones and tables for free.


Wording is based on anagrams. The player has to place the letters in correct order to form a word. Guess the word early to score more and move on to the next level. The score list lets the user compare game scores with players from around the world.

Individually selected unique words keep the content fresh and the player engaged. With simple to learn gameplay, graphics, and just the right sound effects, creates a fun and exciting experience for players at all levels.

Wording serves to the addiction of word gamers and enhances word power. It continues with the company's tradition to offer knowledgeable and useful content to its users. The word game is the third app from Wah Wah Games.


Features of Wording:

- First 25 levels Free on all Android devices

- Over 400 levels available on upgrade


- One time upgrade available at $1

- Available in 5 languages- English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

- Enables user to compare game scores with players from around the world

- Easily share game and scores on social media platforms- Facebook & Twitter