With SDI in mind, Wipro launches CoE for open data center

The CoE demonstrates by Wipro defines software-defined technologies to simulate real world data centers where legacy and SDI co-exist

Sonal Desai
New Update
Open data center

BENGALURU, INDIA: Wipro has launched a first of its kind center of excellence for open data center with the underlying theme of software-defined infrastructure’ (SDI).


The CoE demonstrates multiple software-defined technologies in action to simulate real world data centers where legacy and SDI co-exist.

It also demonstrates how the custom developed tools and plug-ins can be leveraged to achieve integration across diverse and different generation of underlying computer, network and storage technologies and give unified end-user experience, the company said in a prepared statement.

It is aimed at transforming client data centers leveraging Wipro’s adoption framework comprising of the company’s IP assets including accelerators, tools, migration methodologies and infrastructure automation applications.

GK Prasanna, President and Chief Executive, Global Infrastructure Services (GIS), Wipro, said, “We have launched this CoE to build, integrate, test and demonstrate customer aligned SDI solutions and bringing in significant IP assets to address issues as clients undergo this transition and manage heterogeneous environments.”

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